The best free & affordable yoga classes in Philly!

The Best Free & Donation Based Philly Yoga Classes You Need to Try This Summer

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Brianna is a PR professional in the city of brotherly love. When she’s not working, you can find her watching goat videos, taking trips to Target or finding the best happy hour in the city. 

Before you get any crazy ideas from the title of this post, I’m not a yogi (not even a wanna be yogi), but as someone who often needs to decompress, I find yoga is an excellent option. I cannot put my leg over my head but I excel at laying still, usually falling asleep, at the conclusion of class.

I belong to a gym and prefer to do my workouts there – I pay, therefore I go. But as the warmer months hit, I find it hard to sit inside, knowing that I am missing out on sunshine. Enter free yoga because the lovely city of Philadelphia understands the need and desire to decompress outside. I use it as a way to see the city, meet new people and get a workout in. Plus, it’s trendy to do yoga and I like being trendy. I also like Instagram and Instagram-able moments – no shame in the game. 

Here is a breakdown of some of my favorite free (or donation based*) outdoor yoga classes in Philly!

Rooftop Yoga at Bok

With sprawling views of the city from South Philly, I am sure you’ve seen photos from The Edward W. Box Vocational School. This class was more of a hike for me but worthwhile. It was the right amount of challenging, with some fun partner work thrown in the mix, and a very welcoming community that, depending on the day, either enjoys a beer on the roof deck or heads to the teacher’s house for mimosas after.  Class is donation based.

 Yoga on the Pier

I tried the yoga on the pier for the first time with a girlfriend I wanted to see but we both wanted to avoid spending money and drinking (sensing a theme yet?) so we both met there after work. About a half hour walk from center city, I warmed up completely and set up my mat on the edge of the pier where I got a great breeze from the water. The class is a little easier of a flow but all levels are welcome. After the class, I hopped on an Indego bike share bike to head home – it was a very Philly evening. The classes are free every morning and afternoon. For more info, visit their Facebook page here.

Yoga on the Banks

Yoga on the banks takes place on the Schuylkill Banks at the 25th & Locust entrance and is a donation based class. The class is open to all levels and has created quite the following over the past few years. Stay around after to soak up the sun and people watch on a summer day – nothing better!

Yoga Habit

Two years ago, a Temple alum (breaking up the Nova pride on this blog!) announced the opening of a new studio in Fairmount so she started free yoga at the Oval in front of the art museum every Wednesday. As someone who often flees center city surrounding SIPS, this was the perfect opportunity to explore something new for free. The class is HOT and challenging to say the least. A few minutes in, you’re so focused on your chaturanga that you tune out the cars on the parkway flying by and the tourists taking photos. The best part? Many of those in the class head to the beer garden at the Oval after to cool off with a cold beer – I’m all about balance.

Spring training at Dilworth Park

I have yet to try this class, so if anyone wants to join me, let me know! Throughout the week, Dilworth Park offers free bootcamp, zumba and yoga classes. With the park right next to my office, there’s no excuse for me not to try it at least once. Find out more here.

Candle Lit Yoga with Core Fitness

Core Fitness is the leader of outdoor bootcamps in the city. On select Friday’s in the warmer months, they host a candle-lit yoga class at the art museum steps as a way to wind down from the week. The class is bring your own candle and happy hour drink of choice to enjoy afterwards. While this is not free, what is better than yoga and drinks with friends?

The best free & affordable  yoga classes in Philly!

So there you have it, a guide to free(ish) yoga in Philly. You no longer have an excuse not to workout because it’s too expensive! &.

*Kasia again! Want to guest post on Ampersand? Shoot me an email– 

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