Gift Guide: Presents for Your Co-Workers (under $20)

Hello hello! Merry Christmas season. As promised, here is my second gift guide, this time specifically for your co-workers! You spend 8+ hours a day  with the same people, so inevitably you’re going to get to know each other well. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get your “work friends” depending on how close you are in and out of the office. So I’ve rounded up 10 gift ideas ideal for your co-workers to show that you care. Happy shopping! 

co worker gift guide

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12 Easy Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Although I started listening to Christmas music a few days before Thanksgiving (whatever, sue me), it’s officially officially holiday season aka the happiest month of them all. My mom always calls me “The Christmas Girl” because I absolutely loveeee all things Christmas so needless to say I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit. Here are some easy ways to fully enjoy this holiday season (maybe do one each day for the 12 Days of Christmas! hehe)


legit the most excited to make cookies


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Turn Your Gratitude Into Action

While there are countless things that are awesome about this time of year, I think one of the best reminders of the holidays is that gratitude is important. Obviously, right? We have a full day dedicated to being thankful, and the Christmas/holiday season emphasizes giving & being grateful for what we receive. Gratitude is a fundamental part of the holidays. 

So to honor this time of year and the theme of gratitude, I was originally going to write a list of the small things I’m thankful for. However, I consulted my best friend, Danielle (aka the queen of being grateful for all things, every day of the year), and she came up with a much better idea! When I asked her for her thoughts on gratitude, she shared with me this quote:

“Not what we say about our blessings, but what we do with them is the true measure of Thanksgiving.”

She explained that yes, being grateful for things is awesome, but if you’re just appreciative, what good does it really do? Sure, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, but what if we turned our gratitude into action? Her example: she’s grateful to be graduating with a law degree in a few months, but if she doesn’t do anything good with that degree, is that really being grateful for it?

My discussion with Danielle really made me think. There are many, many wonderful things in my life that I’m thankful for, and yet I could probably be doing more with my gratitude for them. So this post is all about how to turn your gratitude into action. I’ve listed a few examples of things I’m thankful for & how I plan to use my gratitude to do something kind/good for others during the holidays. It’s the season of gratitude & giving, right?

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