Likes & Favorites: Spring Fever

Fact: I am ten thousand times happier in the spring. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am miserable when I’m cold, mostly because the winter kills my soul. Seriously, there’s truly nothing good about winter (except Christmas & the first snow). Winter is just like the lame opening act before the main event, i.e. spring & summer.

Well great news because it’s FINALLY spring in Philadelphia and with it came iced coffees, sundresses & beautiful blue-skied days. Besides LOVING the weather, here’s what else I’ve been liking & favoriting during my spring fever.

The cutest weather app you ever did see

This is not your typical weather app. First of all, it’s called “Sunshine” (adorable). Second of all, it adjusts to your temperature preferences so you’ll never be too hot or too cold again (ideal, right?)

When you open up the app, you’ll see the temperature. If you tap on it, you can rate how the temperature feels to you. For example: 50 degrees might feel “pleasant” to someone, but for me it feels COLD. Once you do it a couple days, Sunshine will start to learn your preferences and offer helpful tips like what kind of jacket to wear or if you’ll need an umbrella on your commute home. Plus it’s called Sunshine, how do you not want to download it? (P.S. it’s free)


New chill music 

I’m really enjoying the new Lumineer’s album, Cleopatra. It’s great background music for work or taking a springtime stroll. Give it a listen!

The “Adult” Brunch Place

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Winnie’s before, but I want to reiterate how great it is. If you’re ever in Manayunk, 98% chance I take you there for brunch.

Last weekend, I went with some friends and we laughed for an hour straight over french toast (with homemade bread), strawberry mimosas (ugh too good) & “Shoe String” fries (didn’t even need ketchup). Of course the food was good, but the company was better. We dubbed Winnie’s the “adult” version of a college brunch place & brainstormed ideas for our future novel.

{Shoutout to my fabulous friends for never ceasing to make me laugh. And that bomb french toast}

Book lovers, rejoice!

This morning, my best friend Emily texted me with a link to a website called Book of The Month. It’s pretty simple: Pay a monthly fee (there are different membership plans but they average $15/month), pick a book from the monthly selections (5 options, all different genres) and get that book sent to you for free. It’s like the modern version of an old-fashioned book club, and might be the best thing since Ryan & I wrote our blog post on our favorite books ;)

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.22.53 PM

The Skimm for Business Majors

Speaking of Ryan… Giving him a shoutout because he told me about Morning Brew, a daily newsletter that gives you the run down of what’s happening in the business world. Yes, this sounds very similar to the popular newsletter, the Skimm (which I highly recommend), but the Morning Brew is more bussiness-y and less sassy.


Different from this morning brew ;)

Liking One Dance by Drake & Favoriting some exciting Ampersand things coming up soon! &. 


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