The Brunch Review: Mission Taqueria

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. It was also my friend’s birthday at the beginning of the month. What do two basic betches do for their birthdays? Brunch of course. Mission Taqueria, a trendy~ new mexican place, just opened in Center City. I went there for happy hour (v good) and they do brunch, so we dragged all our friends there because why not. Brunch: the gift that keeps on giving. 

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Summer-to-Fall Weekend Look



I’ve been wanting to do a style post for a while (fashion bloggers shouldn’t have all the fun, right?) and this past weekend, it was finally juuuust cool enough to break out my booties… aka the perfect time to convince Krista to do a photoshoot with me in Philly. Warning: basic betch pictures ahead.

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7 Things to Do in Philly This Fall

Pack up your white pants, break out the boots & grab a PSL because it’s finally fall. While I truly love summer, I’m ready for the crisp weather & participating in all the fun fall things. Well good news for me and all fellow fall-lovers, Philly is jam packed with autumn activities. Whether you’re looking for a fun date or a day with your friends, here are 7 things you have to do in Philly this fall. 


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