My 30-Day Self-Care Challenge

Hello friends! Super excited about this post (& a little freebie download for you at the bottom!) Over the past year, self-care has become more of a priority for me. It’s also an insanely “hot topic” as work-life balance is getting discussed more in general. It sounds so simple–take care of yourself = you feel better, but often time it falls to the wayside. You actually have to make time for self-care.

At the end of January, I was in a little bit of a funk. Probably because I haaaaate winter & January felt like 3 years of grey-dreariness (seriously, January went on forever, idk how that’s possible). So, to get out of my funk & in honor of February, the month of love~, I decided to do a 30-Day Self-Care Challenge. 

I wrote a post about self-care here, just about general ways to get started, but this post is how to do a 30-Day Self-Care challenge, including tips, planning your self-care ahead of time & a calendar of self-care ideas/suggestions. Of course, self-care is all about what makes you feel good, so take this post as a guide and make your self-care challenge your own!

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Links I Love: August

Last month I did my first “Links I Love” to feature some awesome bloggers & got great feedback so I figured I’d make it a monthly thing! For August, it’s all about winding down from the summer and getting ready for fall. Whether you’re heading back to school (like me!! Starting grad school in a week, ah!) or continuing to work, summer to autumn is always a transition time. The posts I’m featuring this month have a little bit of everything to help you get ready for the school year or start the fall off right. Keep reading!


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How to Survive Work Travel

*Hi there! Super excited to have a guest post~ here on Ampersand. Just like how I love sharing cool new things with you, I love when people share awesome ideas/tips/events with me! Meet my friend Brianna–blog enthusiast & fan of Ampersand. Y’all can follow her her on Instagram.


Brianna is a PR professional in the city of brotherly love. When she’s not working, you can find her watching goat videos, taking trips to Target or finding the best happy hour in the city. 

Last month, I traveled to Chicago for work for five days. While many people think work travel is a luxury, planning and implementing a 100 person conference is a lot of hard work and doesn’t come with much down time or opportunities to explore. After traveling over a handful of times for work, I have mastered a system that allows me to keep as close to my normal schedule as possible. Below find some ways to stay sane and survive work travel!

Hold Yourself Accountable

I realized,  during the same trip last year, I barely left the hotel or saw the light of day, so I knew I needed to change that this year. A few of us started a group text and made prioritizing sanity and working out part of our days. Holding each other accountable with wake up texts and a guaranteed workout buddy is the best way to make sure you get in a good sweat. I also got an Apple Watch for my birthday and have become addicted to hitting my steps every day. Even though the conference was on one floor, I was constantly running back and forth and able to hit over 10,000 steps every day. I also chose to take the steps over the escalator or elevator whenever possible. My watch keeps me accountable and helps motivate me to make the decisions I would usually make if I were at home. 

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