Easy Fall Cocktail: Apple Cider Mimosa

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! It’s been a while–work and life got a bit crazy, but I’m excited for turkey and a few days off next week. For Thanksgiving, my mom always asks me and Krista to make something–I always pick sweet potato casserole, but decided to take a stab at a fall cocktail. If you know me at all, I love champagne & apple cider separately, so an apple cider mimosa was a no-brainer (plus it’s hella easy).

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Dreary Fall Day, featuring L.L. Bean Boots & Apple Cider

My mom & I have an autumn tradition. Ever since I was little, every October we’d go to this tiny cider mill called Hacklebarney Farm. Once a year, I get to savor an afternoon full of crisp fall weather, apple cider everything & spending time with the fam. This annual Hacklebarney trip has become so ingrained in my year that ever since I moved out, I pick an October weekend to celebrate my bday at home…and go to Hacklebarney.

This year was no different. My mom and I picked last weekend as the annual Hacklebarney trip, and I actually counted the days until it arrived. When Hurricane Matthew threatened to bring rain up the east coast, my mom and I were a tad worried about our outdoor outing, but damnit, we were going to go to Hacklebarney no matter what.

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Likes & Favorites: Let Your Basic Out

Autumn, by nature, is basic. It’s the season of yoga pants, pumpkin-flavored anything & disproportionately big scarves. If you like apple-picking, Instagramming the foliage or even just wearing your favorite football team’s fan gear, you run the risk of looking a little bit basic–or in my case, a full-blown basic betch. Instead of trying to downplay your basic-ness (almost impossible during the fall), I’m encouraging you to embrace it. Grab your 5+ year old uggs, order that PSL & let your inner basic out. Here are the basic things I’ve been liking & favoriting to get you started.

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