Summer Style: The Two-Piece Dress

In case ya missed it, two-piece dresses are super trendy~ right now. I absolutely love dresses in the summer. They’re easy, they’re effortless & they always look great. I had seen a bunch of two-piece dresses online, but couldn’t find the right one (for the right price), until I stumbled upon this gem. It’s super comfy & a slight step up from casual–perfect for your next date or summer party. (And you’ll never guess where I got it!) Keep scrolling for more!

two piece maxi

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Likes & Favorites: Summer Adventures

I always say that I’m the best version of myself in the summer. I think that’s pretty true across the board–everyone is the best version of themselves in the summer. How can you not be? The weather is gorgeous, work is usually slower (hello summer Friday’s!) and everything is just more laid-back & relaxed. I’m so much happier in the summer because summer doesn’t only make me want to slow down, but it also makes me want to try new things. Summertime = the best time for adventures. Here are some things to bring out your adventurous-summer side.


even if your adventure is just getting ice cream

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7 Best Pieces of Advice From My Dad

Last month, I wrote a blog post about the best pieces of advice I’ve received from my mom for Mother’s Day. And since Father’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to dedicate this post to the one & only, JoeJaws.

My dad is by far one of the strongest, most intelligent & truly amazing people I know. He has a very deep understanding of life & his family is consistently his first priority, over everything. He’s hard-working & easy-going at the same time–his favorite place in the world is probably on our boat, beer in hand. He’d always have these nuggets of wisdom for my sister & me growing up, and it’s only recently that I’ve truly appreciated them. Here are some of my favorites.


JoeJaws, the man, the myth, the legend.ย 

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