How to Get Easy, Beachy Waves

If you grew up watching Laguna Beach or The Hills, then you remember how much we ALL wanted Lauren Conrad’s signature beachy~ waves. For years I tried to capture her messy-yet-put-together look, including using “scrunching” spray, sleeping in braids, perfecting the messy bun, etc. etc. Eventually I gave up and wore my hair super straight for a long period of time then experimented with tight ringlet curls, mostly because the elusive beachy waves thing was seemingly out of my reach.

Well, recently I decided to try–once again–to perfect the relaxed waves & I think I’ve finally got it right. Great thing is that you can do it relatively quickly (20-ish minutes depending on your hair length), with styling tools/products you probably already have. This is my first hair styling post ever, so bear with me & enjoy awkward selfies of me in my bathroom, yay!

easy beachy waves

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Alright, first things first–gather your styling tools & products. You will need:

*Big thank you to the front facing iPhone camera w/ self timer for making this post possible.

I have a pretty cheap straightener that I got from CVS and it does the trick (I used to have a Chi for years, but it died last summer, RIP). The clip is to help you section off your hair, and I swear by Garnier Fuctis Sleek & Shine hairspray. If you like/have texturing spray, feel free to use it as well.

Here are a few tips to consider before you get started:

  1. Work in small sections–about one inch of hair at a time. You want to work from your bottom layers up to the top ones, from the back of your head to the front & from your scalp downwards towards your ends.
  2. Hairspray as you go–if your hair doesn’t hold curl well, spray before and after you make the waves. Don’t forget to tousle your hair out after you hairspray so it’s not too stiff (going for the effortless~ look here).
  3. It’s all about the “S” shape–You’re pulling your straightener through your hair (don’t open and close it) and making an “S” shape aka twist up, pull, twist down, pull.

Let’s see it in action.

easy beachy waves

So this is my natural hair, freshly washed and air dried. For reference, I have medium-to-thick hair with choppy  layers in the back. I’ve found that this hair style works well on super clean hair as well as 1 day old hair. Very versatile.

Again, it’s important to work with small sections, about an inch of hair. Separate, make an “S” shape with your straightener, hair spray, tousle. Once you do one section, let a little of your hair down from your clip, and continue. Keep repeating until you get to the top layers of your hair (I also always do my bang area last). Here’s a closer look at the “S” shape thing:

easy beachy waves

one inch section!!

easy beachy waves

Rotate your straightener up…

easy beachy waves

…then rotate it down.

Remember, you’re continuously pulling the straightener through your hair as you rotate up & down. To get semi-straight ends, “tap” your straightener on them (this is a pro tip from L.C. herself).

Final product:

easy beachy waves

easy, breezy, wavey.

Then just hairspray the crap out of it, run your fingers through & go on your way.

Thanks for making it through my first ever hairstyle post! Hope you enjoyed all the awkward selfies & tutorial. Have fun channeling your inner L.C. with your beachy waves. &.

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