The Best Coffee & Brunch on the Main Line

I’m a writer so I like coffee. I’m also basic so I loveeee brunch. Considering my four years as a barista and my proclamation as a brunch advocate, I feel qualified to rank the best coffee shops/brunch places around the Villanova area (I’ll let you decide if I’m actually an expert or just full of sh*t). Get ready to make some Saturday morning plans.

Hot House

This minimalist coffee shop is tucked away on Lancaster, right next to the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. If you’re not looking for it, you might miss it. I love it because they use REAL mugs (instead of paper cups, unless it’s to-go) and the baristas usually make *~fun~* latte art.

Try: Toffee-nut latte. It kind of smells like buttered popcorn and it’s the perfect combo of sweet and savory.

Perfect post up: Either at the table next to the window (perfect for watching the world go by) or in the big comfy chairs (ideal for coffee dates and conversation).

I love you a latte.

I love you a latte.


Fun fact, I want to open a coffee shop someday. Funner fact, it will probably look a lot like Saxby’s in Ardmore. The exposed brick, comfy chairs and loft area makes it the perfect study spot. You’ll probably run into some Villanovans but not as many as Starbucks has (aka you can actually get some work done and then procrastinate a little with friends).

Pro-tip: When you buy tea, it comes with two tea bags! You never need to steep two, so take the extra and save it for a rainy day.

Don’t order a grande…  This isn’t Starbucks so don’t order with fancy lingo. Small-medium-large coffee will do. Their flavored coffee of the day is usually pretty good (sometimes they have seasonal flavors) and they also sell fro yo so yolo.


The mecca of brunch. And if you don’t Instagram Nudy’s, you’re doing it wrong. Also if you haven’t been to Nudy’s, you’re actually not living.

Senior goal: To brunch at Nudy’s once a week. It’s going well so far.

Underrated but shouldn’t be: The omelettes. Yes, Nudy’s french toast is to die for, but their omelettes are as equally as fabulous. Also multi-grain toast is the way to go. It’s way too good.

If you don't Insta brunch, did it even happen?

If you don’t Insta brunch, did it even happen?


It’s artsy and you feel super hip going there. It’s small so have a back up plan if you can’t find a seat. The artwork for sale makes it a unique atmosphere that’s always changing. It’s a nice way to switch it up.

More than coffee: They have great soups and salads and they do the half-sandwich-cup-of-soup deal thing so you can have it all.

Save your quarters: It’s metered parking which is kinda annoying so remember change and to refill your meter because you will get ticketed. Every time.

The Silverspoon

What’s better than brunch? Bougie brunch. The Silverspoon is perfect for hungover brunch when you wanna feel fancy. It’s a little pricey but a nice treat every once in a while. I absolutely love the hammered-metal table tops and cozy vibe.

For for my fellow basic betches: Three words: pumpkin french toast. Comes with vanilla glaze. Heaven is real.

For those trying not to be basic at brunch (if that’s even possible): Kennett mushroom omelette with a side of truffle fries. Pretty sure the truffle fries have crack in them because they’re that good.

**Bonus post-brunch ~adventure~: Wander across the way to Valley Forge Flowers and have fun looking at pretty bouquets and looking at ridiculous/expensive things that you don’t need but sorta really want.

+1000 basic points.

+1000 basic points.

Sabrina’s Cafe

If you’re a big breakfast person, get ready for big portions. You’ll have leftovers for days. I, for one, am not complaining about that.

Def get: Stuffed challah french toast or anything off their special brunch menu.

It’s quaint: The atmosphere is super cute. Perfect place for breakfast with the grandparents. (Mostly because I’ve been there with my grandparents but it also just has that vibe). Plus the iced tea comes in mason jars. If loving mason jars is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

White Dog

Bougie brunch part deux. You have to White Dog at least once, probably when your parents are in town so they can foot the bill.

The Pro’s: The buttermilk pancakes and the “garden” room (it’s my favorite)

The Big Con: Contrary to the rumors, White Dog does not have bottomless mimosas. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some anyways.

May your coffee be strong and your brunch be Instagram-able. &.


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