Likes & Favorites: I have no work this week?

Spring has sprung in PA which means I’m rocking my Hunter rain boots multiple times a week but who cares because it’s not winter anymore. [insert hallelujah hands emojii here]. I also have no work this week…Not sure if I’ve ever said that. Instead of enjoying all this free time, of course I’m paranoid that I’m forgetting something super important. Oh well, at least I have time to blog. Here’s the roundup.

Hoedown Throwdown.

Easter was this past weekend and what better way to end the night than with throwback Disney movies. My cousins, sister and I decided to have a back-to-back viewing of High School Musical 3 and the Hannah Montana Movie. Did I remember every dance step to the hoedown throwdown? Duh. Watch it, I bet you do too.

Playin’ dress up. 

Also during Easter weekend, my mom and I went dress shopping. I needed something to the Senior Ball (idk why they call it a ball, it’s at the Constitution Center in Philly, let’s relax Senior Week committee) and also (dun dun) a graduation dress. Well I found a nearly perfect one that was slightly too big but the other like 25 dresses I tried on didn’t compare so we bought it and got it tailored. Kim, the tailor, also demanded that I send her pictures of me in my dress with my boyfriend–it HAS to be with my boyfriend–at graduation. Okay, Kim, will do, pinkie promise.

{Bonus! I also bought nude pumps after searching for the perfect pair legitimately for two years. DSW’s heels selection is on point right now for those of you interested}.

Check listing like a boss. 

I found a check list app. It gives you inspirational messages when you cross things off your list. It also prompts you to make lists for “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming,” and “Someday.” You can also download the app to your computer so your check lists are everywhere. Organized nerds everywhere, rejoice and be glad.

Step into my office. 

Like most college graduates (45% to be exact), I will be moving back home after graduation. I’m like slightly less than excited to do this for obvious reasons (even though Karen & Joe rock), but my mom has been really positive about it. She’s letting me redo the little room off my bedroom and turn it into my own office space (especially if I have to work remotely from home for a while. #writerslife). Basically this is an excuse for me to start a new Pinterest board. If you’re moving home after graduation too, no worries, a little paint and some DIY projects can fix everything.

Ampersand is expanding…

I’m excited to announce that I’m adding a new section to my blog super soon! Look out for it in the coming weeks for more Kasia ramblings & fun things. {What more could you want really?}

Liking having Mac back (FINALLY) & Favoriting writing without deadlines for a bit.

{P.S. All my grammar nerds out there, this video is for you. It’s like a modern School House Rock. I’m embarrassed how helpful and entertaining I found this.}


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