Likes & Favorites: Spring in the Nation

Campus is beyond beautiful. I don’t actually understand how every perspective student who comes to visit during these next couple weeks doesn’t deposit immediately. Spring is in full swing here at Nova and it marks my absolute favorite time of year here. Perfect setting for my 20-ish days (gulp) left here. Here’s how I’m enjoying the long-awaited warm weather.

Manayunk adventures.

Last weekend was the StrEAT Festival in Manayunk and since it seemed like a fun way to blow off a Sunday, I decided to go. Well, getting there was harder than I expected. Of course I knew it was going to be popular, just not THAT popular. Let’s just say it took me a solid 2 hours to make the should-have-been 15 minute drive and 10 minute search for parking. But all’s well that ends well because my friend Olivia and I had fabulous turkey burgers at a place called Winnie’s right on main street. The crowds and traffic was worth catching up over good food.


Little apples. 

Also during my Manayunk visit, Olivia took me to this adorable boutique called “The Little Apple.” Think like jewelry, candles, journals and generally girly stuff. I wanted to buy everything. Highly suggest stopping by if you find yourself in the area (or shop online!)

April showers & flowers. 

Like I said before, campus is BLOOMING. I swear, you can’t go anywhere on campus without catching a whiff of that beautiful floral scent. From the magnolia trees by the church to the cherry blossoms by Home Props, the tulips my roomies brought home to the surprise bouquet from the boy in my Instagram, I’ve been surrounded by flowers. I’m not complaining one bit.  Happy Spring!

I don’t care what you say, Villanova is the best school. 

Everyone thinks their college is the best. That’s fine, I get that. Too bad everyone is wrong. Villanova is actually the best school in the entire world and I’m beyond lucky to call it home. I always realize how great Nova actually is during Regular Decision Candidate’s Day. This past weekend was my 8th (!!) and last candidate’s day and it was very bittersweet. I will never forget screaming/dancing for Parking Crew, all the wonderful families I’ve met through the years and how the middle of campus looks on the most perfect spring day. Sitting on the Oreo, sippin’ a pomegranate iced tea and watching the campus buzz with excitement is actually perfect. Doesn’t get better than that.

{Thank you Blue Key for all the memories and an excuse to be a true nationer}

“The Opposite of Loneliness.” 

Although springtime is a time for happiness (winter is finally over, after all), this spring is pretty bittersweet. I’ve been pretty good this whole semester. The sadness, nostalgia, scared-excitement, pure reality of graduation hadn’t hit me. Until two days ago. Maybe it was just realizing that this week is my last full week of class or that graduation plans need to be made like yesterday. I knew I wanted to write something about how I’m feeling but I wasn’t sure how to say it. And then my friend Danielle sent me a link to an article that says it better than I ever could. The piece was written by Marina Keegan, a 2012 Yale graduate who died this past weekend in a car accident. Her words are beautiful. Seniors, definitely take the time to read it because I know all of us are feeling a little like she did.

Liking sunshine & favoriting enjoying the next three weeks.

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