10 Types of Friends You Have in Your 20’s

Making friends in your 20’s is always an interesting balance. You may have some friends from high school, a handful from college, but there’s also the challenge of making new friends post-grad. Friendships also grow and change as we’re all trying to be adults~, but here are the 10 types of friends you probably have throughout your 20’s. Thank goodness for good friends, right? Not sure how we’d survive without them.

The Brunch Friend

She’s a low-key-high-key foodie who knows all the best places in town. Don’t bother looking at the menu because she knows the owner personally & all the secret dishes you can order if you just know who to ask. Obviously she’s a lover of bottomless mimosas & basic Instagrams, and you never try somewhere new without consulting her spreadsheet of the best restaurants.

The Roommate

Whether you’re besties or just acquaintances, there’s definitely a special bond between roomies. She’s the one who sees you in your hangover sweats & also your sexy date dress. She’s there when you’re having your third mental breakdown of the week the month & when you just want to have a random dance party on Tuesday night. You probably Netflix binge-watch while drinking wine and tackle real world adult problems like hanging floating shelves, together. Bottom line, anyone you have to share a bathroom with, you’re inevitably going to get close.

The Work Wife

You need your work wife like you need your first cup of coffee. She’s the only reason you can survive your 9+ hour workday, mostly because she constantly tags you in memes and makes you laugh hysterically over Gchat. She’s your confidant at work & you know you can always b*tch to her about your boss/coworkers without it getting around. You’ve definitely been to many happy hours together & have more inside jokes than you can count. You probably even have pet names for each other & framed pictures of each other on your desks.

The Type-A Planner

Whenever there’s a crew outing, you know it’s because the Type-A planner made a Facebook event for it. TBH getting your group together is like herding cats (aka a major pain in the a**), but when your girl is in charge, you know everyone will get where they need to go & have an amazing time. She’s probably on speed dial in your phone because you inevitably call her at least a dozen times to go through your outfit choice & run through the itinerary of the night again.

The Going-Out Go-To

The only things she loves more than vodka sodas are a bold lip color & big hoops. She is down to go out whenever & wherever. When you find yourself out on a Wednesday taking advantage of a killer happy hour, she’s probably the one who convinced you to go. It doesn’t matter what your plans are for Saturday night, when you’re with her, you always end up dancing like fools & indulging in 2 a.m. pizza. Sure hangovers are 10x worse after college, but she truly believes that you’re only young once, and you should make the most of it.

The One That’s Been Through It All

She may be your childhood friend or your bestie you met freshman year of college, regardless, this girl has been through it aaaaalll with you. Every breakup, bad haircut, identity crisis, job promotion, major milestone & mundane life event, she has always been by your side. More likely than not, she has a dozen embarrassing stories about you on hand (and maybe a few pictures from your awkward middle school years, too). She can tell your life story almost as well as you can (or better) which is always a little freaky.

The Best Guy Friend

Despite the many, many pictures you’ve taken together, yes, you’re actually platonic and no, you’re not secretly dating. Your Best Guy Friend is there when you need an honest guy’s opinion & you know he’s going to give it to you straight. He’s great for deep life chats, stupid memes & warding off creepy guys at the bar. He’ll be your shoulder to cry on and older brother figure, but also make fun of you and call you out when you need it.

The [Insert Hobby Here] Friend

You may know her from yoga, intramural soccer or book club, and you look forward to seeing her every week. Some may say you’re just acquaintances because you rarely hang out outside of your hobby, but she’s always good for a nice Instagram comment or small talk about your job. It’s always nice to know another friendly face who enjoys the same things you do.

The Older Sister

Maybe it’s your actual older sister, or maybe she’s a cousin, coworker or mentor. You didn’t realize you were a hot mess navigating your 20’s until she took you under her wing & showed you the way. You know you can talk to her about anything & you’ll get solid advice because she’ll help you learn from her mistakes. Whenever you need a vent sesh or recommendation for a moderately-priced good bottle of wine, you can always count on her.

The Ride-or-Die

She is your GIRL. The one all, be all, best of the best. She’s the one you FaceTime on Sunday mornings to discuss your Saturday night out, the one who you constantly exchange screenshots with to analyze what your crush is really saying, the one who’s there to laugh or cry or both with you at a drop of a hat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known her for a month or 10 years, she’s your ride-or-die & you can’t imagine life without her. You know she’d do anything for you, and you’d do anything for her, no questions asked.

Obviously some friends fall into more than one category (#versatile), but I’m sure we can think of at least one person for each. What other kinds of friends do you have as a 20-something? Leave me a comment below! &. 

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