5 Apps to Help You Save Money

I’m a millennial, grad student & a girl just trying to “adult” which means, more often than not, I feel pretty damn broke. (Except for that moment when my paycheck hits my bank account…just to be spent on things like rent/gas/utilities/wine). Saving money is definitely one of the (many) challenges of being an adult, especially when you realize how much things actually cost (hellloooo student loans). Luckily, since this is the 21st century, there are a ton of apps out there specifically designed to help broke millennials like us save some extra $$$. The best part? A lot of these apps don’t require that much work from you so saving money can be effortless~ Read more for my 5 favorite money-saving apps.


I’ve already featured ibotta on Ampersand, but it’s worth mentioning again because it basically funds my Starbucks addiction (I’m not kidding). Who doesn’t love extra cash, right? Especially on things that you’re probably already buying. It’s simple: download the app, “unlock” any of the week’s featured items, scan your receipt & get $$$. Then you can Venmo money to your account or put it towards a gift card (like Starbucks~). It’s like extreme couponing for millennials. 


I just discovered the Drop app and it’s basically like free money.  Not kidding. All you have to do is link your debit card and select up to 5 retailers to earn points at. Every time you spend money at one of those retailers (like Starbucks, Uber, Target, etc.) you get points. Get to a certain amount of points = a giftcard to a number of popular chains. That’s it. Spend money & get money. You do need an access code to sign up so click here to get started!


Obviously everyone’s aware I’m obsessed with Target (what millennial isn’t?) & the Cartwheel app is great for saving a little extra on all the things you usually buy. You can go through the list of available coupons and add them to your final check out, but I usually use the scan feature as I go to see if there are any available deals. Once you’re ready to check out, the app gives you a bar code that the cashier can scan right before you pay. Although it’s impossible to spend less than $100 at Target during any given trip (truth), Cartwheel still helps you save.



Alright, so I personally haven’t used Acorns yet, but my friend Chris highly recommends it. How it works: link your debit/credit card, spend as normal & then the app invests your change. You can also set up monthly investments if that’s more your thing. Then you can withdraw or transfer funds any time you want. Again, it’s a mindless way to help you save money. Win-win.


Mint is a great way to see where all your money is going (so hopefully it inspires you to spend less–one can dream right?) Plus it syncs up to your bank account, which means less work/math for you. You can also track & pay your bills and find your credit score. Look at you, being a responsible adult.

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard–especially when there are a ton of apps to help you do it. What’s your favorite money saving app? Leave me a comment below! &.


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