10 Underrated Apps for 20-Something’s

Recently, I swapped out my little iPhone 5 (not even a 5s, just a 5, barbaric right?) for a new iPhone 6 (only days before the 7 came out–great timing!) I also upgraded my storage from a measly 16 GB to a whopping 64 GB, because why not?

After I realized that I could stop deleting every other picture I took, I started to research new apps to finally download with all my new storage. Problem was, every time I googled “best apps for 20-something’s,” I came up with the same answers: Snapchat, Instagram & Venmo. Like thanks internet, I may have had an iphone 5 forever, but I don’t live under a rock. So after doing a little more digging and just looking at the apps I already have, I came up with this list–ten underrated apps for 20-something’s that you should download ASAP (p.s. they’re all free!)


Category: Productivity | Download here for free

If you’re anything like me, I have to write things down or I’ll instantly forget. It’s a fault of mine that I developed in college when I was too busy for my own good, but luckily there’s Any.DO to keep you on track. It’s simple & streamlined–perfect for keeping all your running to-do lists in one place. You can prioritize items, add sub-notes or set a reminder for when it’s due. It also syncs to your computer so you’ll never lose a list again. #organization


Category: Shopping | Download here for free

I’ve already featured ibotta on Ampersand, but I’m doing it again because it basically funds my Starbucks addiction (I’m not kidding). Who doesn’t love extra cash, right? Especially on things that you’re probably already buying. It’s simple: download the app, “unlock” any of the week’s featured items, scan your receipt & get $$$. Then you can Venmo money to our account or put it towards a gift card (like Starbucks~). It’s like extreme couponing for millennials. 

Starbucks app

Category: Food & Drink | Download here for free

Speaking of Starbucks…If you’re a regular (or a Gold Card Member), then you 100% need the app. OR if you’re a Dunkin’ kind of person, download that app. Sure, you have to load the app with cash to pay for your caffeine, but the rewards are worth it. Oh and the order ahead option is beyond brilliant and has made my mornings one thousand times better, on countless occasions. Trust me, I’m a former barista.


Category: Food & Drink | Download here for free

Now that I’m not a broke college student anymore who’s limited to frozen Bagel Bites and the occasional trip to Panera, I absolutely love going out for dinner (or happy hour, brunch, weekday lunch, etc.) Problem is, living in a city with a TON of great restaurants, you almost always need a reservation. Cue the Open Table app. You can make your reservations on the go, look up nearby restaurants and change/cancel them any time. Quick, easy, yummy. 


Category: Fitness | Download here for free

Getting fit is tough, but getting inspired can be easy with MINDBODY. You can look up basically any type of fitness class you want–yoga, barre, pilates, CrossFit, you name it!–and then book your spot right then. You can also find deals on new studios, track your progress and manage your kick-ass fitness schedule. Happy sweating!


Category: Photo & Video | Download here for free

I think it’s safe to assume that most 20-somethings have Instagram and know the difference between Valencia and Lo-Fi. Take your ‘gram skills up a notch with VSCO, a photo editor app that’s been personally endorsed by my very artistic sister, Krista (so you know it’s legit). You can keep it simple with their filters, or get fancy with their other photo editing options. A non-basic photo editor for all your basic Instagramming.


Category: Social Networking | Download here for free

If you’re a girl between the ages of 15-35, you’ve probably been on Pinterest. Of course you can Pin on your computer, but the app is a great way to pass time (aka perfect for public transit commuting). I also think the Pinterest app is underrated because now you can buy things through the site, which is so much easier/quicker on your phone. Plus, the layout/user experience is a lot more intuitive on your phone compared to the website. I promise, your Dream Wedding board will thank you.


Category: Music | Download here for free

Before you read this section… if you don’t have Spotify Premium, stop right now and sign up. I’m serious. It’s the best $10 a month that I spend. Now that we’re all on the same page, the Spotify app is really the only way I listen to music. With Premium, you can download playlists offline (so it doesn’t waste your data), but if you want to listen to basically any song out there, it’s at your finger tips. Not to mention the pre-selected Spotify playlists are on point.

Stitch Fix

Category: Shopping | Download here for free, or sign up for your first fix here!

I’m pretty obsessed with StitchFix (learn how to get started here) and the app makes it ten times better. You can edit your style profile, schedule a fix and track your package all on your phone.You can also checkout on the go which makes the (already easy) process so much quicker. If you have StitchFix (or are new to it), definitely recommend downloading the app.

Mail app (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

Category: Productivity | Download here for free

Obviously, all iPhones come with the mail app, but to be honest, I think it kind of sucks. And, chances are, you use Outlook at work or have a personal Gmail account that you consistently check. Why not keep it consistent across all your devices? I personally have the Outlook app (which syncs to my work email/calendar) and the Gmail app (for my personal account) on my phone. It keeps me organized, and I like that it separates my email accounts instead of just lumping it all into one. The reality is, we’re going to check our emails on our phones, so why not use pretty, organized, easy-to-use apps.

Here’s to having an app for everything & downloading more than just Snapchat and Instagram onto your phone. &.


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