The Brunch Review: Harp & Crown (Philadelphia, PA)

Two brunch reviews in a row, whaaat? Idk, why not right? We all love brunch so lets celebrate it two weeks in a row. (Catch up on last week’s review here). This brunch was to celebrate my lovely bestie-fellow-birthday-diva, JD. We headed to Harp & Crown on a recommendation from my friend Aminah (aka the queen of all good food in Philly). I’ve only been to Harp & Crown for drinks so I was excited to actually try the food there. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Make a reservation, ASAP. 

For Review: Harp & Crown (Seriously love when people use ‘&’!!)

Location: 1525 Sansom Street


Bougie buffet (yea, I know. Incredible).  I didn’t know that brunch would be buffet style, but oh man, it rocked. You pay $28 for all you can eat at their super fancy~ buffet. It had everything from chicken & waffles, an omelette station, mini pastries, make-your-own-doughnut station (!!!), fresh fruit, meat & cheese board, bagels with all the works, etc. etc. It was awesome. We all ate way too much. Check out the full menu here.


Drinking mimosas = my peak happiness. So none of us ended up drinking at brunch (we had ourselves a NIGHT so taking it easy), but they run a brunch-cocktail deal: $15 for four drinks (mimosas, Bellini’s or bloody Mary’s) which is a steal. I honestly think I’m happiest when I’m drinking mimosas.

Do it for the Insta. Harp & Crown is probably one of the most Instagram-able places I know in Philly (aka a blogger’s dream). Of course we snapped a tooooon of pics while we were there. At one point, the manager legit walked up to ask me “what picture I was trying to capture” (it was the doughnut pegboard, obviously), so I’m thinking they’re used to people Instagramming the crap out of their restaurant.

The *: Because it’s buffet style, you have to do a little coordinating with your group so you’re all back and eating at the same time. Our strategy was to get as much food on our first go-around so we could sit & enjoy our meal together. It’s also definitely a slower paced brunch, so carve out 1.5-2 hours for it.

Harp & Crown, you’re my new fave. &. 


3 thoughts on “The Brunch Review: Harp & Crown (Philadelphia, PA)

  1. thealvarezchronicles says:

    You had me at “buffet”. Lol. I’m from South Texas so we don’t do “brunch” around here. Brunch around here just means you did not get up in time for breakfast and are too hungry to wait for lunch. Great post and awesome pics. – Roberet

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