Essential Oils Basics

Let’s talk essential oils. You’ve probably heard of them. With the rise~ of self-care, I feel like essential oils has become a buzzword. I personally didn’t know they existed until a yoga studio I used to go to started using them in them in diffusers and for hands on assists during practice. Since then, I’ve been using them a lot more in a variety of ways (more on that below!)

Not only do they smell amazinggg, essential oils have a lot of great health & wellness benefits. If you’re looking for a natural way to step up your wellness game, essential oils are definitely a great place to start. I’ve teamed up with Simply Earth, a company dedicated to helping you create natural recipes, to break down essential oils & why they’re so good for you! (And a special offer just for you too–keep reading!)

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What are essential oils?

First things first: what are essential oils anyways? According to Simply Earth‘s cute essential oils ebook for beginners (download for free here!), essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants and plant parts. Because they’re concentrated plant extracts, they maintain the natural smell and and flavor of the plant they’re taken from. There are different ways to distill these oils & nowadays you can get high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils for an affordable price. 

There are a TON of essential oils (just think about how many plants there are in the world…) You can use just one kind of oil or a mixture of them. Most essential oils can be inhaled or applied to your skin. You really shouldn’t ingest essential oils in any way (unless directed by a doctor).

Some health benefits of essential oils (to a name a few), they can help with stress, anxiety & depression, headaches & migraines, insomnia, and reducing inflammation. While there are a lot of health benefits to them, just make sure you’re using essential oils correctly & if you ever experience a reaction to them, stop using them immediately.

What are popular essential oils?

Again, there are a TON of essential oils out there, but here are some popular ones:

  • Peppermint: boost energy and help with digestion
  • Lavender: great stress relief and sleep
  • Sandalwood: calms nerves and helps with focus
  • Rose: reduces anxiety
  • Chamomile: good for relaxation
  • Tea Tree: antibacterial & great for skin care
  • Lemon: good for cleaning & deodorizing

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How can you use them?

Lots & lots of ways! Here are a few examples:

Simply Earth’s Recipe Boxes

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If you’re interested in using essential oils more regularly, Simply Earth makes it super easy with their monthly recipe boxes! Every month, their design team creates 6 all natural recipes to send to you. The box includes all materials you need to create your natural products–essential oils, instructions, containers, etc. Legit so easy. The box I got to try included recipes for all natural makeup–eye shadow, tinted lip gloss, cheek tint & more! The recipes were SUPER easy to follow. I’m not usually a DIY person, but making these was so fun & relaxing!

Use code ‘AMPERSANDFREE’ for $20 e-gift card with your first Simply Earth box!

Every month as a different “theme” so each box is different and contains new, awesome recipes. If you’re a beginner to essential oils (like me!) or have been using them for a while & looking for more natural options, Simply Earth makes it super easy.

Do you use essential oils? New but curious about them? Leave me a comment below! &.


7 thoughts on “Essential Oils Basics

  1. ambitiouslycierra says:

    This post provided great information for beginners looking to include essential oils into their wellness routine. I just started using myself and I can vouch that they smell amazing! Also, the kit sounds pretty cool! How fun would it be to try different oils based on these!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. samanthamohun says:

    this is super helpful. for some reason I’ve been super skeptical about essential oils, but I’ve been reading a lot of people’s blogs saying how amazing they are. I just might have to try it out! awesome post.


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