The Brunch Review: Tico (Washington, DC)

Hello there fellow brunch lovers. This post is WAY overdue. (Seriously, I went to this brunch legitimately in February LOL). Life has gotten a liiiiitle bit crazy lately but this was a fab brunch (with some fab company) & I definitely wanted to share it. So without further ado, here’s my review on Tico, you’re new fave spot in Washington, D.C. 


For Review: Tico DC

Location: 1926 14th St., NW


Make-Your-Own Mimosas: Let’s cut to the chase here–what’s brunch without booze? (Answer: a sad, late breakfast). While I’m a big proponent of bottomless brunch (like thiiiis), Tico has the next best thing: $25 bottle of (nice) champagne & a variety of mixers for make-your-own mimosas. OJ is great, but grapefruit-pineapple mimosa? Even better.


Classics with a twist: I really liked Tico’s menu because all the dishes were based on classic with a little bit of a twist. I got the grilled cheese with eggs and rosemary/tomato sauce (SO GOOD) while my friend Maddie got the open-faced omelette with veggies & goat cheese. Peep the full menu here.


Colorful vibes: The atmosphere of Tico’s is really unique and just colorful. A little rustic, a little modern, a little edgy. The definition of eclectic. 



The *: Definitely make a reservation because this place will fiillll up.

Shout out to my bestie Maddie for this fab brunch spot! &.


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