The Brunch Review: Tico (Washington, DC)

Hello there fellow brunch lovers. This post is WAY overdue. (Seriously, I went to this brunch legitimately in February LOL). Life has gotten a liiiiitle bit crazy lately but this was a fab brunch (with some fab company) & I definitely wanted to share it. So without further ado, here’s my review on Tico, you’re new fave spot in Washington, D.C. 


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How to Explore Washington, D.C.

*Hi there! Super excited to have a guest post~ here on Ampersand. Just like how I love sharing cool new things with you, I love when people share awesome ideas/tips/events with me! Meet my friends Carrie & Shannon, fellow bloggers & D.C. residents. Y’all can read their blog, You, Me & D.C., here & throw them a follow on Insta here.  


Hey, hello, what’s up?! Your friends Carrie and Shannon from You, Me & DC here! We are so excited to be here on Ampersand! When Kasia reached out to us to do some guest posting, we got all sorts of giddy on the inside. You probably know that Kasia makes her home in Philly, BUT today we’ve got a super fun post about a city a little further south–Washington, D.C.

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Exploring a city is vastly different when you’re living there versus when you’re visiting. You have more time so you can explore slowly. You won’t have to miss out on that awesome museum exhibit because you have months to get tickets (unless you’re like us and always missed out on the Yayoi Kusama tickets). And you can scope out the cheaper weeknight shows and don’t have to binge eat horrible fast food all weekend just to try the must have foods! Depending on the city, this process could take weeks, months or even years. Moving to Washington, D.C for the first time, especially if you haven’t regularly frequented the city, is like tackling a gigantic monster. While it’s not New York City or Los Angeles, with its seemingly endless amount of museums, events (historical and otherwise) and bustling social calendar, DC is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve just moved or are planning on moving in the near future, check out our suggestions on where to start exploring your new home! And let us know over on You, Me & DC if you ever need more suggestions!

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