The Brunch Review: Union Bar & Kitchen (New York, New York)

Well, it has been a WHILE since I’ve done a brunch review (that’s not to say I haven’t brunched lately…come on now). Of course I’ve gone to brunch almost every weekend in January, but I’ve been going to the same old places. Honestly, the last brunch review I wrote was back in July when I went to visit friends in NYC…and this current review features another NYC brunch spot I went to a few weeks ago. I guess I should just keep visiting NYC for good brunches. I know my friend JD will encourage this since he’s always yelling at me for not visiting more often… ;)

Anyways, lets get to it. As much as I love Philly, I gotta say, NYC is the mecca of brunch & rightfully so. Up for review is Union Bar & Kitchen. Cheers.

For Review: Union Bar & Kitchen (please note the use of the ampersand hehe)

Location: 300 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

Bottomless Brunchin’: The main reason JD picked this place is because it offers a bottomless brunch (#priorities). I gotta say, I was a little nervous bottomless was going to be hella expensive (I’m used to cheap Philly prices!!) but I was pleasantly surprised that it was $33 for bottomless drinks and an entree. And they did NOT skimp on the drinks. It’s a 1.5 hour limit for bottomless brunch but they were veryyy generous with the mimosas so don’t worry about the time restriction.

mimosas = my purest form of happiness

Classic dishes with a twist: Everything on the menu was basically a classic dish with a little twist which was cool. I got the Hudson Valley Breakfast (2 Farm-Fresh Duck Eggs Sunny Side Up, Thai-Chile Bacon- Wrapped Asparagus, Parmesan Arugula Salad, Champagne Vinaigrette–freaking delicious) & a few of my friends got chicken & waffles (with chocolate-chip waffles–don’t knock it till you’ve tried it). Check out the full menu here. (oh ps. get the fries with anything. They’re addicting)

The *: If you’re going with a group, definitely make a reservation ahead of time. Also** it’s cash only or one credit card (thank god for Venmo right?) so plan accordingly.

brunch squad

I promise to do more brunch reviews soon. Or at least make it back to NYC sooner rather than later &. 


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