The Brunch Review: First Watch

It’s really no secret that I love brunch (best meal of the day & usually the highlight of my weekend), but it’s always nice when friends reach out inviting me to new brunch places that I absolutely have to try. Big shout out to Bailey for introducing me to First Watch, a new brunch place right in Villanova, and the next place up for review. Go cats, go brunch.

For Review: First Watch

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Location: good old Villanova, PA (but there’s also a location in Wynnewood!)

It’s hella fresh. As in they have freshly squeezed juices every morning. I’m all for decadent brunches, but First Watch is great if you’re looking for healthier (and delicious!) options. Their seasonal menus often feature fresh ingredients & unique takes on your favorite dishes. But don’t worry–if you’re looking for an indulgent brunch, they have that too. Highly recommend the multigrain croissant breakfast sandwich (complete with homemade pesto) or the lemon ricotta pancakes. Check out the full menu here.

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hey Bails!

Move over Starbucks, you’ve got competition. I know…surprising to hear from me, right? Bailey told me before we went that First Watch has the BEST iced coffee, and she was absolutely right. I don’t really care if you don’t drink coffee, you have to get it when you go. It’s smooth and creamy and absolutely delicious. Bonus tip: you can get it to go on your way to work if you just order from the hostess (which is precisely what I did the day after brunch).

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It’s got that rustic charm. You know me, all about that rustic charm. Think chalk boards, metal skillets & great coffee mugs. It’s just quaint & cute–aka the perfect feel for being on the Main Line.

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The *: It gets crowded, so plan ahead. You probably will have to wait a bit if you’re going during prime brunch hour, but I promise it’s worth it. On the bright side though, they do have a “community table” that you’re welcome to sit at if there’s room & you want to make some new friends.

The Bottom line: If Nudy’s is too crowded and you’ve been there for brunch three weekends in a row (guilty), give First Watch a try. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday in Villanova &.


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