The Brunch Review: The Gaslight

As someone relatively new to Philly, I’m determined to get to know it better. And what better way to do that than through food? Introducing The Brunch Review, where I’ll give you the lowdown of all my new favorite brunch (and dinner/snacks/coffee) places all around Philly. Ready? Let’s dig in.

For Review: The Gaslight

Location: Old City

What you’ll love: It has a cozy rustic vibe and a prime location on Market Street. It’s just bougie enough for a basic brunch, but all you non-basics out there will appreciate the amazing food. When I say it was the best french toast I’ve ever eaten, I’m not kidding.

What to eat: Enjoy the complimentary cinnamon buns they bring out for the table (unbelievable) and I highly recommend the apple cinnamon french toast. The chicken & waffles are also extremely tasty and my friends loved the Eggs Benedict. Pretty much anything you get on the menu, you can’t go wrong.

And if you’re feeling adventurous… Order a Shot N’ a Shuck. Shot of whiskey chased with an oyster. #fancy

What to drink: Mimosa lovers, you have to try the grapefruit mimosa, or if you have a big group, definitely get a pitcher of the beer-mosa (it’s better than you think).

The *: It’s a tad expensive. Don’t expect it to be your weekly brunch spot, so save it for special occasions (like birthday brunches!)

The bottom line: It’s a quality brunch place with a cool vibe and delicious food. It’s definitely worth the trip and the money. If you go, make sure you have a grapefruit mimosa for me!

Here’s to boozy brunches & becoming a Philly foodie.

{thank you to everyone for coming out last weekend for my bday boozy brunch!} &.

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