New Year, Same (More Confident) You

Is it safe to say that last year kinda sucked for everyone?

Let’s be real: 2016 was a weird year. Don’t get me wrong–I had some really good times & made some really good memories. But on the other hand, there were some pretty big lows, and I feel like 2016 left everyone feeling a little bit… blah.

Good news is that we’re already 17 days into 2017 & we’re all set up for a really awesome comeback. According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the rooster (who knew!), which is categorized by being hardworking, confident, courageous and observant–aka an opportunity to absolutely kill it.

I’ll spare you the “New Year New Me” cliche because honestly, we’re all still the same us, but maybe could use a little upgrade.  I don’t have a list of New Year’s resolutions per se, but here are a few things I’m trying to focus on to hopefully make 2017-me a little more confident & ambitious than 2016-me. Maybe my list will inspire you too. Let’s get after it, y’all.   

Make health a priority (for real this year)

No, I don’t mean signing up for a gym membership that I’ll use a maximum of three times throughout the year. I’m talking about making a more conscious effort to be healthy–both physically and mentally–without creating these lofty goals that will only discourage me. For example, last year I told myself that I would “become a runner.” I ran, it hurt, I ran some more, I still didn’t like it, so I quit. I’m just not a runner. I simply don’t enjoy running. What I do enjoy is yoga, so why am I trying to make myself a runner when I really want to be a yogi? Point is, find  an exercise you actually like (even if that means trying something totally new!) and go with it. Who cares what it is, being active is being active.

Another thing I’m trying to focus on is eating healthy. Generally, I’m pretty good about what I eat, but I could be better. Again, not saying to swap everything with kale & quinoa (unless you’re into that stuff) but just trying to make one meal/snack a day a little healthier. Finding new recipes on Pinterest…and actually making them. Drinking more water. Or just eating more avocados because apparently people are crazy about them.

And of course health isn’t complete without mental health, which we all could be better about. I’m trying out the app Headspace to work on being more mindful, but improving your mental health can be as simple as starting a gratitude journal (I love this one) or taking a few moments a day just for yourself. Happy body, happy mind, happy 2017.

Get those zzz’s

Oh sleep, you’re oh so lovely. I didn’t realize how much I appreciate a good night’s sleep until I went to work running on 4 hours and basically died. Without sleep, I’m cranky, easily annoyed and overall not the best version of myself. So, how can we all get better sleep in 2017? Well, according to research (read: mostly Buzzfeed articles) we should probably:

  • Stop scrolling through Instagram right before bed & pick up a book instead (I know, so hard)
  • Try sleepy time tea (my favorite is peppermint)
  • Track our zzz’s with apps like Sleep Cycle or SleepBot
  • Actually invest in a good mattress
  • Spray your pillow with lavender mist to relax~

Try one or try them all, but one thing holds true: Sleep is great. We all love sleep, so let’s make 2017 a restful year.

Try a new hobby

The cool thing about adulthood is that we actually have free time for hobbies. Without the constant obligation of homework or studying like in school, now free time is all our own to do whatever we want with it. I definitely didn’t take advantage of my free time in 2016 and just stuck to my two main hobbies, writing & reading. Not saying that those are bad hobbies, but there are SO many other cool ones I could try. Plus doing something new is always exciting, even if you end up sucking at it. Maybe 2017 will be the year of bullet journals, photography, book clubs, hiking or watching documentaries. Who knows until we actually try it.

Say yes more

During senior year of college, my roomates/friends and I had a mantra: “Say yes to senior year.” It simply meant saying yes to spontaneity and different experiences, meeting new people and trying new things. It wasn’t about being irresponsible, but more so about getting the most out of our senior year by doing anything and everything. That year was great. It was one of the best years of my life. Saying yes gave me a ton of unforgettable memories and even though I’m not a senior in college anymore, I feel like “say yes to senior year” can have the same effect on adult life. So when something new arises that might be outside of your comfort zone, even if you’re thinking about saying no, just say yes. As long as it’s not compromising your safety, morals or overall wellbeing, it’s probably going to rock.

2017 is the year of the comeback. Or as my friend Christie likes to refer to as, “The Revival Tour.” You don’t have to completely change your life and become a “new you” to have an awesome year. You’re already a phenomenal human & a little more confidence never hurt anyone. Happy 2017! &.

Shout out to Leesa, a company that believes achieving your goals starts with a good night’s sleep. Learn more about them here


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