Likes & Favorites: October, You’re my Favorite

Dear October, you’re my favorite. Thank you for being the best. I love your chilly weather, cozy days & beautiful foliage. Year after year, I fall for the season of autumn & everything pumpkin spice. Of course, I spend a full week celebrating my birthday, making October perfect & complete. October, you are my true like & favorite and these are the things I’m enjoying during the best month of the year.

Catching some zzz’s

Long gone are the days of mid-afternoon naps & waking up for class at noon. I’m constantly trying to get the most sleep possible (whatup 10 p.m. bedtime) so I downloaded Sleep Cycle. It’s app that analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes up you during your lightest phase of sleep (so you feel less tired when you wake up, in theory). It’s kinda cool to see the analysis of your sleep every morning, and I do actually feel more awake when I wake up. (Ps. it’s freeeee. Download it here!)

Thursdays are for the girls

Last week, a bunch of girls from work and I went out to happy hour because it was one of our friend’s last day. We started off at Vintage and had wine & cheese (obviously) and then headed to a new place called Mission Taqueria (which is going to be featured on Ampersand soon!) & finished off the night with margaritas. Highly recommend both places for a midweek happy hour. Sometimes the Friday hangovers are worth it.

I like One Republic

I like One Republic and all my friends at work make fun of me, but I don’t care! I’ve liked One Republic since I listened to their album Native while I studied abroad, and I was pleasantly surprised with their newest album. There’s some upbeat songs, some chiller ones, some that will surprise you and some that are classic One Republic. Give it a shot.

A terrific & unique treat

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Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean ice cream season is over (hint: it’s never over). If you’re looking for a change from your usual Ben & Jerry’s, check out Tea-rrific! Ice Cream, an all natural, tea-infused ice cream. It’s a savory treat with good-for-you ingredients and unique flavors if you’re looking to change it up. I’m a big fan of the matcha green tea & masala chai flavors in these cute little individual serving cartons. You can find Tea-rrific! Ice Cream in grocery stores in NY and CT (and now on University of Connecticut and University of Illinois campuses, which is exciting if you go there!) or you can order online. Read more about Tea-rrific! Ice Cream here.


Rain & champagne

The best day of the year obviously always falls during the best month of the year. This past weekend was Villanova’s Homecoming aka an excuse to celebrate being National Champs with too many mimosas & the best people in the world. In typical Nova tailgating fashion, the weather wasn’t the best but a little rain didn’t stop us (side note: big shout out to Fructis sleek & shine hairspray for keeping my hair somewhat picture-ready). Already starting to count down until next year. #GoCats #StillNattyChamps

Liking having a three day weekend & Favoriting catching up on SNL with my roomie as I write this. &.


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  1. theboldbrunetteblog says:

    Hi Kasia!! I saw you are a member of the InfluenceHER FB group and a couple other blogging groups, and figured I would follow along! Love finding a fellow post-Villanova blogger!

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