Likes & Favorites: Your Summer Go-To’s

Memorial Day is right around the corner, making it harder & harder for me to sit in my office all week. I’m craving warm weather days, shore weekends & beach sunsets. I’ve got a couple things I’m liking & favoriting to get me into the summertime mood~ that could become your summer go-to’s as well.

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Likes & Favorites: October, You’re my Favorite

Dear October, you’re my favorite. Thank you for being the best. I love your chilly weather, cozy days & beautiful foliage. Year after year, I fall for the season of autumn & everything pumpkin spice. Of course, I spend a full week celebrating my birthday, making October perfect & complete. October, you are my true like & favorite and these are the things I’m enjoying during the best month of the year.

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Likes & Favorites: Spring Fever

Fact: I am ten thousand times happier in the spring. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am miserable when I’m cold, mostly because the winter kills my soul. Seriously, there’s truly nothing good about winter (except Christmas & the first snow). Winter is just like the lame opening act before the main event, i.e. spring & summer.

Well great news because it’s FINALLY spring in Philadelphia and with it came iced coffees, sundresses & beautiful blue-skied days. Besides LOVING the weather, here’s what else I’ve been liking & favoriting during my spring fever. Continue reading