happiest of hours

Life Stages Described as Cocktails

The other day, I was talking to my friend Thomas about the happy hour I had just been to & we started talking about how some cocktails are “classier” than others. For example, you’d never order a $13 martini as a freshman in college (because honestly, you’re too poor and definitely not coordinated enough to hold a martini glass) just like you probably wouldn’t shotgun a Natty Light as a 40-year-old on a regular basis (although no judgement to those who do, stay lit). It sorta got me thinking how our taste in alcohol drastically changes as we grow up (naturally) & then I thought it would be funny to describe life stages in regards to alcoholic beverages. So here we are–life stages described as cocktails. Enjoy the fun gifs.

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Likes & Favorites: October, You’re my Favorite

Dear October, you’re my favorite. Thank you for being the best. I love your chilly weather, cozy days & beautiful foliage. Year after year, I fall for the season of autumn & everything pumpkin spice. Of course, I spend a full week celebrating my birthday, making October perfect & complete. October, you are my true like & favorite and these are the things I’m enjoying during the best month of the year.

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Likes & Favorites: Homecoming & Stuff

So it’s been a while! I’ve been trying to find time to write this post (it’s been written down in bits and pieces on my phone for the past week and a half), but life just kinda got in the way. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing:

1. Attempting to hang floating shelves in my living room & failing miserably. (If anyone knows how to use “molly screws,” please let me know.)

2. Eating Hope’s Cookies with my favorite family, the Melino’s.

3. Wandering around Bath & Body Works to find fun ~holiday~ scented candles.

4. Debating the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy (Ellen Degeneres pretty much sums up my thoughts).

5. Missing Willy Annan dearly.

6. Drinking champagne (and overusing the new champagne emoji) at Homecoming (#hoco2k15, #hypeit #blessings)

7. Spending too much money in Target.

8. Baking pumpkin cookies (recipe here)

9. Swooning over Justin Timberlake at the CMA’s.

10. Listening to Sorry (Justin Bieber) and Hello (Adele) on repeat.

Beyond this list, here are the other things I’ve been liking & favoriting:

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