“It’s all taken care of”

To recap all of Kasia’s deep-life posts:

And while these are all good & dandy and serve as some nice lessons at different times of your (and my) life, they’re kind of pointless without one thing:


(Also see: faith, chilling the f*ck out in general).

I can say timing is everything, honor where I am & aim to let go, but am I truly good at believing and trusting that everything’s going to work out/be okay without my complete control over it?

Lol. Sure.

It’s like asking a Type-A, straight-A student to sit back & not take the lead on a group project because your other group members “promise it’ll get done.” LOL SURE.

But life isn’t like a group project (thank God) and the majority of the time, good things just flow & come naturally. Think about every great friendship, relationship, dream job or incredible opportunity that’s happened to you. More often than not, you just showed up & were the best you that you can be and something just clicked. No worrying, no effort, no overthinking.

“It’s all taken care of.”

Day to day, I’m fairly content. I like the life I’ve built around me & who I am in general. But when I think of THE FUTURE (bold & caps necessary), I become paralyzed with the “what-if’s.” (What if I don’t get married? What if I never have a family? What if I don’t get that dream job or afford that house I want?) It’s like staring out over a cliff into blank nothingness because you can’t predict or truly control everything about your future. Legitimately terrifying.

I know I can’t control every part of the future, nor do I want to (hello, that’s a lot of pressure), but me worrying about it constantly in the present isn’t allowing life to naturally flow & give me all those things that I truly want. So now I’m all worried about the future in the present, life can’t move/flow the way it’s meant to & my future can’t even be the future I’m worried about because I’m being uptight and annoying. I’m officially the girl who’s trying too hard & no one likes the girl who tries too hard. THEREFORE:

“It’s all taken care of.”

This was a quote I heard at a Senior Retreat during my second semester of college & stumbled upon again recently. Then (very similarly to right now), I was worried about life after college/what it would look like/would it really all work out?? But this simple mantra released all that worry and pressure off what the future would be & allowed me to relax and enjoy my last semester doing keg stands, eating late night pizza & living it up to the absolute fullest.  (Spoiler: And then life after college worked itself right out.)

Here’s a metaphor for ya (obviously I’m using a metaphor): It’s like your best friend in the entire world tells you that she’s throwing you a party celebrating YOU. She tells you that all you need to do is show up. You ask if there’s anything you can bring or anything you can do, and she simply says, “It’s all taken care of.

Now, you could spend all the time leading up to the party worrying about who will be there, incessantly texting that guy to show up even though he probably doesn’t want to & overthinking about how much guac each party guest can realistically eat because a party isn’t a party when the guac runs out. And you then throw yourself into a tizzy worrying about said guac, buying all the avocados yourself and before you know it, you’re super stressed out/not even excited for YOUR OWN PARTY.


because life is a party. All you have to do is show up.

Life is like a party & the Universe/God/karma is your best friend who wants to throw it for you. It/He/She wants you to just quit worrying about it because it’s all taken care of. Stop overthinking the guac because The Universe knows exactly how much every party guest needs versus how much they think they want. Screw the damn guac! You should be picking out your perfect outfit instead because it’s your party & you deserve to look fire flames.

It’s all taken care of, so all you need to do is show up. And keep showing up. That doesn’t mean don’t try. Obviously, it’s your party so you’re gunna get dolled up, arrive with flair & a good attitude and dance your little heart out. You’re not just going to sit in the corner in your sweatpants at YOUR PARTY (although even if you do show up in sweatpants ready to rage, you’ll probably still have a good time).

The point is, it’s all taken care of. You don’t have to worry about if your party is going to rock because your best friend (the Universe/God/karma), who knows you the BEST, is planning it. And don’t we all trust our bestest best friends? Plus, it won’t matter if you spill soda on your shoe or that guy you want to come shows up a little late or your makeup gets ruined because you’re dancing too much–you’re still going to have the time of your life. Those little bumps aren’t going to matter because the big stuff is all taken care of.

So chill out. Seriously, f*cking relax. You need to hear it & I need to hear it ten more times. It’s all taken care of. Just show up, be yourself & enjoy your party. &.

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