The Brunch Review: The Smith (New York, New York)

If you follow me on any form of social media, you know that I was in NYC last weekend visiting friends (and I’m still recovering from it TBH). We didn’t have anything specifically planned for the weekend (making plans with my friends is like herding cats–very much pun intended since we all went to Villanovaexcept brunch plans for Saturday morning #priorities. For all the Ampersand fans in the Big Apple, The Smith is up for review.

For Review: The Smith

casual brunch outfit

Location: New York, New York (midtown location)

Feeling real bougie: The first thing you see when you walk in is a lot of white subway tile. The only thing I like as much as exposed brick is subway tile. It definitely adds to the bougie-NYC-brunch vibe, and we were very much there for it. Even the outside was lovely (& perfect for multiple Instagrams).

The Smith NY

Comin’ in hot: Full disclosure, our squad was coming in real hot Saturday morning after a night out (read: I stayed up until 6 a.m., fully embracing the “city that never sleeps” thing). Even though The Smith is a little nicer, it definitely had everything we needed to cure our hangovers. Obviously there were mimosas/Bloody Mary’s all around & my friend Thomas got a refreshing cocktail called East Village Passion (rum / lime / passion fruit / mint). Our favorite dishes included the classic Eggs Benedict, the Benedict Johnny, avocado toast & the egg-white omelette (that included goat cheese–yum). Hangovers (sorta) cured. Check out the full menu here & drinks here

mimosas for days

A word from the crew: My friends are very supportive of my blog (even if they give me sh*t for taking so many pictures), so here are a few words from them.

  • “Solid vibes, good food, kind waiters like Peter.” –Danielle
  • “Good place to take mom and dad or to surprise your significant other for a special date. Also the bathrooms are dope. ” –Darryl
  • “Loved the food, the company and the waiter” –JD (we were a big fan of Peter, our waiter, if you couldn’t tell)
  • “Well the goat cheese omelette was delicious but my favorite part was the coffee mugs which were perfectly huggable while holding.” –Maria

The *: I’d definitely make a reservation especially if you have a larger group. It was hoppin’ in there during prime brunch hours.


The bottom line: Philly has my heart, but The Smith made me warm up to NYC (just a little bit). &.


6 thoughts on “The Brunch Review: The Smith (New York, New York)

  1. Darryl Strawberry says:

    Thank you so much for inviting me to the Smith. It was lovely meeting you and all your friends. Can’t believe you invited me, a reader to come with you guys. I would def go again!

    Liked by 1 person

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