summer necessities

Likes & Favorites: The Second Half of Summer

I can hardly believe it’s almost mid-way through July. As soon as the 4th of July rolls around, I feel like I blink & summer is almost over. Good thing is, we have a month & a half left to soak up the sun and enjoy the easy-living summer has to offer. July has been a blast so far & I’m looking forward to the second half of summer. Here’s what I’ve been liking & favoriting.

summer necessities

summer necessities

Throwing shade

aviator sunglasses

I absolutely love my Ray-Bans but I’ve been seeing Aviators everywhere & really wanted a new pair. I didn’t want to splurge so I did what any millennial would do: go to Target. This pair is cool because they have rose-gold rims & then tortoise shell on the ends. And oh yea, they were only $17.

Aviator GLD  (pair I’m wearing above) // Aviator Sunglasses – Rosegold/Purple // Metal Aviator Sunglasses // Round Aviators–blue/green

 A little detox

As you know, I went to NYC a couple weekends ago. Let’s just say it wasn’t the healthiest weekend–lots of brunchin’, vodka sodas & late night pizza (no regrets). When I got home, I felt like I needed a little detox so I stocked up on fruits & veggies plus Yogi’s Detox Tea. I drank it right before I went to bed for a few days & felt so much better. The berry flavor is good, and I really love the peach flavor as well. You can find it at most grocery stores in the healthy/organic section!

Paying the bill made easy

As much as I love big group meals, paying the bill is the absolute worst. Trying to figure out how to split everything, calculating the tip, Venmo-ing each other back and forth… annoying. Enter the app Tab. Here’s how it works: everyone downloads the app (it’s free!). Someone takes a picture of the check & everyone “joins it.” (Every check gets a specific number). You select the things you ate and Venmo the person who took the picture of the check (it connects to your Venmo account automatically). Bonus, it calculates tip for you & keeps track of everyone’s meal so there’s no second guessing or duplicates. Group meal life saver.

What’s on tap

draft latte

Y’all know I love coffee & this summer I’ve been drinking a looottt of La Columbe (it’s so close to work…ugh). I recently tried their draft latte in a can & it was great. I just got the original flavor (super smooth & a tiny bit frothy–so good) & the vanilla is delicious too. You can find them at some grocery stores & Target (because you can find everything there). Perfect for your coffee cravings.

Get organized

For some of us, the end of summer means going back to school. For us “adults,” the end of summer means work picking back up again (bye summer Friday’s, you will be missed). To help ease~ back into the swing of things, I like to get organized like buying a new planner, making to-do lists, other super Type-A things… I was online shopping for a new planner, and I stumbled upon all these cool (free) printables from Emily Ley to help you prepare for school/work/general life. Check them out!

Liking tan lines & favoriting perpetually living in flip-flops. &.


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