Likes & Favorites: Two Weeks Too Long

I’ve been meaning to write this likes & favorites for two weeks now but sometimes real life gets in the way. Who knew being an adult would be so busy? Anyways, I’m back now, it’s Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, it’s almost spring & I promise I’m going to try to blog more than I have. Here’s what I’ve been liking & favoriting during my brief blog hiatus.

Hey, want some extra cash? 

I’m going to assume the answer is yes. I just downloaded a new app called Ibotta (it’s ~free~) and it’s basically a coupon app that gives you cash back on certain items from a TON of different stores.

How does it work? You “unlock” an item (like eggs for example), then when buy it, you scan the barcode and your receipt and voila! You get a certain amount of cash back. You can either use Venmo or PayPal to get your $$ or you can put it toward gift cards (choices include Starbucks, and iTunes). I find that I usually buy the items Ibotta features so it’s honestly a no brainer. Welcome to the future of extreme couponing.

Always jammin’

I listen to music consistently at work (honestly, Spotify premium changed my life) and I always tell my team when I find good work playlists. I’m really into Country Coffeehouse right now (yes, acoustic country to get you through that 9 t0 5 grind). On the very OPPOSITE side of the spectrum, Macklemore’s new album is fire. You’ll laugh. You’ll think. It’s a perfect mix of fun songs and some really deep ones. Check out both playlists below.


Coffee shops that make your heart happy

As much as I’m a Starbucks-junkie, I genuinely love cozy little coffee shops with great atmospheres & real mugs. When I went to visit two of my best friends in Charlotte, NC, I spent the afternoon in Amiele’s, a quirky french-inspired cafe with a phenomenal croissant BLT sandwich and something called café marcotter which I could drink every single day.

{Quick shoutout to my friend Kevin who saw my Snapchat of Amiele’s and immediately left his office–which is three blocks away–to have coffee with me.}

Back in Manayunk, I just went to Volo Coffeehouse on main street which I can already tell I’ll be visiting often (I say that because I just set up two coffee dates there for the near future). They make latte art which I always appreciate. #baristaskills

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Necessities in life.

{For you coffee-Insta lovers out there, follow Aimele’s on Instagram here and Volo here}

The best dry shampoo you’ll ever get 

BIG shoutout to my best friend Emily for getting me through high school, loving my overdramatic tendencies and introducing me to the best dry shampoo EVER. (What are best friends for??) Ladies, sometimes washing your hair everyday is just too much, so on your off days, give some life back to your hair with Batiste dry shampoo. I got it at Target for $6. Your second-day hair can thank me later.

A “Wake-Me-Up” Smoothie

My roomie and I are on a smoothie kick. But sometimes I get bored of my berries-almond milk-frozen kale combo, so I tried this unique “Wake-Me-Up” smoothie I found in a magazine. Enjoy!

{Ingredients: 1 frozen banana, chopped | 1 1/2 cups milk/almond milk | 1 Tbsp. peanut/almond butter | 1/2 tsp. of ground espresso/coffee | 1/4 tsp. cocoa powder}

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 30 seconds

1.Put all ingredients in the blender & let it rip.

I’m going to write more. I promised myself that this spring I’m going to practice more self-love, which includes doing things that I love! So stay tuned because who knows what I’ll be writing about next (just kidding, I have a few ideas ;) )

Liking a whole lot of things in the past two weeks, but especially the fish tacos I had at Lolita on Friday night & favoriting the Cats beating G-town again yesterday.

{The best people in the Nation}



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