Likes & Favorites: Philly & NYC

I’ve had a busy two weekends! If you read my recent brunch review on Parc, you know I’ve been hanging around Philly, but if you follow me on Snapchat, you probably remember me galavanting around NYC with Ryan. Had a lot to like & favorite over the past two weeks, but here are some of the things that stood out.

As if you need another work playlist…

…but just in case you do! I’m a big fan of the “Genres & Moods” category of Spotify. I usually browse it in the beginning of my workday when I’m bored of my normal playlists. I’ve been listening to “Productive Morning” recently. As Spotify describes it: “Get into a morning flow with this focus playlist.”

For girls who like vodka sodas

You’re going to love this. A couple months ago, my friend introduced me to Spiked Seltzer, and I recently got it again last week. It’s so good. Made with all natural ingredients, it’s gluten free, low-carb and contains 6% alcohol. Oh, and it tastes DELICIOUS. You can get it in a bottle or a can in a variety of flavors. My personal faves are “West Indies Lime” and “Cape Cod Cranberry.” They’re perfect for summer because they’re refreshing but not as filling as beer. Cheers!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

and the cans are so pretty!

Just poppin’ in

Two weekends ago, I went out with some friends in Philly & we ended up at a pop-up beer garden run by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Let me just say, within 2 minutes of being there I decided I a) wanted to live there b) throw all my future parties there and c) take a picture by the exposed brick wall (see below). If you’re in the Philly area (specifically 15th and South), stop by. The atmosphere is super rustic and cozy, and their cocktails are fresh and surprisingly good. Bonus: It’s open for happy hour during the week and then until midnight on the weekends.

 Not getting lost in NYC

Ryan will tell you: I’m not the biggest fan of NYC. After last weekend, I like it more, but one of the main reasons I don’t particularly enjoy NYC is because I lose my mind on the subway. It literally makes no sense to me and it generally gives me anxiety. Well, to help this, Ryan told me about City Mapper which is pretty much a lifesaver. It works in most major cities (including abroad!) and all you have to do is put in your destination and it’ll tell you exactly how to get there. I’m talking exact number of subway stops, how many minutes it’ll take to walk and the time it will take to get there. If you’re ever going to a city you’re not familiar with (or even in your own city to get around quicker!), City Mapper will save you a ton of time and frustration.

Floppy Hats & Overpriced Champagne

On Saturday, Ryan, his friend Gabes and I went to the Belmont in NY, which was quite an experience. Unfortunately, my floppy hat didn’t make an appearance, but we spent the day drinking, people watching and occasionally watching horses run around a track. I had never been to a horse race before, so all of it was really cool. I really loved the energy of the crowd and the races themselves were super exciting. While the champagne was overpriced, it was an awesome memory.

Liking blogging a lot this week & favoriting fun memories &.


4 thoughts on “Likes & Favorites: Philly & NYC

  1. Lola says:

    I love Citymapper! It started in London when I was living there, and I’ve been using it ever since. I love that it can automatically tell when I’ve left Philly and gone to NYC or Boston. Keep giving the subway a chance… it eventually becomes second nature, I promise!


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