crisp fall day

Dreary Fall Day, featuring L.L. Bean Boots & Apple Cider

My mom & I have an autumn tradition. Ever since I was little, every October we’d go to this tiny cider mill called Hacklebarney Farm. Once a year, I get to savor an afternoon full of crisp fall weather, apple cider everything & spending time with the fam. This annual Hacklebarney trip has become so ingrained in my year that ever since I moved out, I pick an October weekend to celebrate my bday at home…and go to Hacklebarney.

This year was no different. My mom and I picked last weekend as the annual Hacklebarney trip, and I actually counted the days until it arrived. When Hurricane Matthew threatened to bring rain up the east coast, my mom and I were a tad worried about our outdoor outing, but damnit, we were going to go to Hacklebarney no matter what.

Well. Sunday rolls around and it’s cold, gray and doing that weird sideways rain-mist thing. But it’s tradition! So my parents and I bundled up and soaked in the dreary fall day, rain, apple cider & all.


selfie nation

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Full disclosure: I had a cute fall outfit picked out for this trip, but being warm > being fashionable so I opted for a comfy-casual-rainy-fall-day look.


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Navy Quilted Vest
Oversized sweatshirt (your favorite!) or Salty Dog one here
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the cutest parents in all the land

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It’s a cider mill so obviously they have apple cider everything, including apple cider hot dogs (and apple cider baked beans; don’t knock it till you try it), apple cider donuts and homemade apple cider (duh). Considering having my mom send me more of these donuts throughout the fall…or just make apple cider donuts myself.

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Despite the crappy weather, my parents & I had a great annual Hacklebarney trip. And I brought back a half-gallon of apple cider. By far my favorite part about fall.

Here’s to messy hair & bean boots on dreary days. &.

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