Likes & Favorites: Guide to Adulting

Full disclosure: I don’t have a guide to adulting (sorry if the title was misleading). But wouldn’t it be ~fab~ if we did?? Seriously, 6 months into this whole adulthood thing, I still have to call my parents every other day because there’s random water at the bottom of my dishwasher or I can’t figure out where the circuit breaker is (I’ve solved both problems by now, just in case you were worried). Even though I don’t have the full guide to adulting, I do have some things to help make it a little easier. Here’s the likes & favorites of things you to help you adult.

A go-to restaurant 

Exploring restaurants is fun (it’s one of the reason’s I created The Brunch Review, just so I had an excuse to try new places to eat). However, there’s something to be said about having a go-to place. It’s perfect for cocktails with co-workers, brunch with your girlfriends & dinner with your S.O. I’ve decided that The Goat’s Beard in Manayunk is that kind of go-to restaurant, ideal for any occasion. I highly recommend their sangria, “Goat Nuggets,” or mac & cheese. {Haven’t been to brunch there yet, but stay tuned because it’ll happen any day now.}

Breakfast that’s actually healthy

Being an adult means doing adult-y things like having a healthy breakfast. A girl at work recommended this spin on oatmeal and it’s DELICIOUS (and super easy).

Banana Breakfast Quinoa 

{Ingredients: 1 banana, chopped | 1/4 cup of dry quinoa | 1/2 cup of almond milk | 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract | 1/4 tsp. cinnamon | 1 tbs. peanut butter | cocoa powder (optional) | honey (optional but totally recommended)}

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 15 minutes

1.  Peel and slice the banana. Combine half of the banana, quinoa, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon & cocoa powder (optional) in a small pot.

2. Bring contents to a boil then reduce to simmer, cover & cook for  15 minutes.

3. Melt peanut butter for 30-60 seconds.

4. Combine quinoa with peanut butter, top with bananas and drizzle with honey.

{If you don’t like quinoa, replace with oats and follow the cooking instructions!}

Enjoy! *Pro-tip: If you wanna be super hipster and envied at work, pack in a mason jar and heat up when you get to the office.

Music for the workday

 Found a Spotify playlist aptly titled AT WORK. It’s pretty good to get you through the workday.

A general understanding of politics

In case you live under a rock, there’s a presidential election this year and as “adults,” we should probably vote. If you’re totally politically-challenged like myself, check out Skimm The Vote guide for 2016. It’s updated by theSkimm team (p.s. if you haven’t signed up for their emails, do it right now!) and makes politics actually make sense.

Bieber & Ben.

As in Justin Bieber and Ben Higgins. Adulting is hard, okay? Sometimes you just want to rock out to Bieber’s new banger “I’ll Be There” (which was leaked and recently taken offline but should be re-released soon!) or watch Ben Higgins on his quest for true love! As we wait for Justin to drop some new hits, follow @BachelorDudes on Twitter (because they’re hilarious), read this recap of the first episode (also hilarious) or learn about why we’re so addicted to The Bachelor in the first place (hint: it’s not because Ben Higgins is adorable).

Liking being snowed in for the day & favoriting a real adulting guide (if it actually exists out there).

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