The Best Coffee Products for Caffeine Lovers

I’m a fairly passionate person. Most people who know me would agree. (Some might confuse this as “dramatic” or “obsessive,” but I prefer “passionate” ;)) Of all the things I love, I’d have to say that I’m most passionate about the following items:

especially coffee. Funny thing is, I didn’t grow up drinking coffee. In fact, my parents HATE coffee. I attribute my love for coffee to being a barista at the coffee shop on Villanova’s campus and my short Starbucks stint after I graduated. And even though I haven’t always been a coffee drinker, I’ve always looooooved coffee shops/coffee shop culture (Fun fact: I even did two research projects on coffee shop culture for undergrad/grad school #nerd).

Of course, being passionate about coffee has lead me to become a little bit of a coffee snob (ugh, once you taste REALLY good coffee, you can never go back) so I thought it’d be kinda fun to share all my favorite coffee products that I’ve discovered over the years for all you caffeine lovers out there. Read it for yourself or share with the coffee-lover in your life. Enjoy ~


how soothing is this??

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10 Random Things to Keep in Your Apartment

Last month, I wrote a post about all the random things to keep in your desk at work & I got a lot of great feedback! (I’m happy my collection of random things made your workdays better). So in a similar train of thought, I figured I’d list the random things to always keep in your apartment. Some are more obvious than others, but everything listed below has helped me in one circumstance or another. Again, this is beyond the apartment “basics” (cleaning products, coffee maker, pots & pans, etc. etc.) These are the random things you may not think of right away but will definitely come in handy.

cozy bedroom

of course there’s an ampersand in my room

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10 Random Things to Keep in your Desk at Work

At work, my co-worker Becky has everything you could absolutely need in her office. From Tide-to-go pens to plastic knives, batteries to a mini hammer to hang a clock in the lobby (I’m not kidding), Becky truly has it all. I lovingly call her my “office mom” because of this. Any time I need Advil or a packet of instant oatmeal because I forgot my breakfast (again), I go to Becky’s office because I know she’ll have it on hand.


Becky’s signature preparedness got me thinking of the random things I’ve often needed/ specifically bought to keep in my desk at work in case of emergencies (or simple everyday occurrences). These things are beyond your typical office supplies that might just come in handy. Keep on reading for ten random things you should always keep in your desk.

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^all these things are from Target. Because of course.

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