Likes & Favorites: Welcome to Second Semester

I refuse to use the word “last.” I think it’s kinda dumb, especially this semester. “Last” implies finality. “Last” creates a lot of expectations. “Last” is sad. So, instead of starting my “last” semester at Villanova, I’ve simply started my second semester. And honestly, it’s been a blast so far. It’s been so much fun that I haven’t had time to write! (My mother kindly reminded me that I haven’t posted in a while. She’s my biggest fan. Love ya, Karen). But if these past two weeks are any indication what the next four-ish months will be like, I’m in for a really great time. Here are some of the things I like at the beginning of what will be my favorite semester.

Meetin’ New Friends

This past weekend, I went on Senior Retreat with 85 other seniors. And while I was under the impression that I was going to know most of the people there (which was super naive of me), I didn’t even recognize half the people there! Which was awesome because I got to meet a bunch of cool people, while reconnecting with some friends I haven’t seen since Freshman Retreat. And let’s be real, any weekend that involves LBI, a bunch of awesome people and heart-to-hearts is going to be amazing. It was the perfect way to start the semester and I’m very thankful I went on it.

A New Home for Mac

My MacBook’s name is Mac. (Creative, I know. This is coming to the girl who once named her stuffed animal “Pink Horsey.” You guessed it. It was a pink horse.) Anyway, Mac had a crappy laptop case that was ripped and ruined, so I turned to Etsy to find a new home for him. I stumbled upon this adorable shop that makes custom laptop and tablet cases. Here’s the site. Mac is safe and now I get compliments on my trendy case. Win-win for everyone.


Becoming a News Junkie

I used to hate reading the news. Really despised it. But as I’ve gotten older (what’s up adulthood, I see you around the corner) and further into my journalism/PR major (which revolves around the news…), I realized that I sorta need to be aware of what’s going on in the world. So I subscribed to the Skimm and started reading the Huffington Post. Then last week my friend Vincent mentioned this app called “Circa” which basically gives you the news minus all the (excuse me) bullshit. Straight forward. Super sleek. If you’re trying to be a real, educated adult (like I’m attempting to be… occasionally…), I highly recommend it.

What’s up Olly Murs

I’ve always liked Olly Murs. He’s sorta jazzy and fun and his music makes me wanna dance happily around my apartment. He has a new single called Wrapped Up (it’s a jam). If you’re new to Olly, here’s a short playlist. If you like Olly already, here are my faves.

Happy Kasia = Risotto for dinner

When I’m in a good mood, I like to cook. One of my most favorite dishes is Parmesan risotto with tomatoes and spinach. It was actually one of the first dishes I’ve ever made (in Italy where I studied abroad, of all places) and I make it at least once a month. I actually just finished making it about an hour ago, and listened to my Olly Murs playlist. It’s pretty easy to make, you just need patience (it takes about 40 min) and a special kind of rice (don’t make it with regular white rice, it will fail. Promise.) But it’s SO good. Here’s the recipe. Happy cookin’!


{PS. Here’s a really cute video of Bruno Mars singing with a 4-year old. I dedicate this to my friend Virginia because I think she would enjoy it.}

Liking being a senior (for real) & Favoriting the next four months.

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