Likes & Favorites: Grown Up ( & Fun) Things

During my last week of break, I decided that I needed to start doing “grown up things” i.e. start looking for jobs. Joy. It’s pretty much the bane of every senior’s existence and while part of you doesn’t want to even contemplate updating your LinkedIn, the other part feels way too far behind. To ease my pain of reading countless job descriptions and consistently feeling inadequate, I tried to incorporate some fun things into my week. They are listed below.

Finally, Cover Letters Explained

{I promise this will be my only “grown up/job search” item of this post, but it’s worth a read because it might make cover letters way less annoying} I don’t know about you, but I hate writing cover letters. Hate hate hate. I never know exactly what to say without sounding boring, or where the line between “funny and memorable” & “totally unprofessional” is. Cover letters are about showing employers a little of your personality, right? But I feel like we’ve learned to have a cookie-cutter template that’s just dull. Well I found an article from The Muse (awesome website, definitely check it out) that actually helped me write a professional, yet interesting cover letter. You can thank me later.

98 Degree Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I started off with regular  yoga and this year discovered the wonderful world of hot yoga. Needing a little exercise after the holidays, I signed up for a 1-week unlimited yoga pass at a studio at home. So I did yoga. A lot a lot. Curious why people (like me) get addicted to sweating & stretching? Here’s a cute article that sums it up pretty well. Namaste.

Sassy Mug Shots

I’m probably my sister’s biggest fan. She’s so ridiculously talented and I think people should know about it. Over break, she decided create her own Etsy shop for custom mugs. In true Krista fashion, none of them will have “stupid” inspirational quotes, only funny & sassy sayings. Her shop is called KristasMugShot (clever right?) and you should definitely check it out.

TBT to N*Sync

To make applying to jobs more bearable, I would sit in Krista’s room while she did art and listen to her Spotify on shuffle. At one point, an old N*Sync song came on, which turned into a full-fledged N*Sync sing-along/attempts to do the Bye Bye Bye routine. I feel like I should spread boy-band joy, so I’ve put together a throwback N*Sync playlist. Enjoy retro Justin Timberlake in all his glory.

Wine > Everything

I stumbled upon this funny article about wine. It reminded me of my roomies and how much we love good ol vino. For any wine lovers out there, this is for you.

wine is the best.

{PS. If this cold weather is killing your soul like it is mine, check out cute puppies in the snow. It makes the bleak forecast better. A little}

Liking being back at Nova & Favoriting second semester.

2 thoughts on “Likes & Favorites: Grown Up ( & Fun) Things

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