Likes & Favorites: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous is one way to describe my week. It was kind of all over the place. There were a lot of little moving parts that I had to juggle and honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t drop something. Or maybe I did and can’t remember, which wouldn’t surprise me either! Anyways, kinda of like my mismatched week, here’s a bunch of misc. things that I randomly stumbled upon.

Crazy Jewish Moms

Gotta love finding funny things on Instagram. My friend Deanna introduced me to this Insta account (@crazyjewishmom) that consists solely of text messages from mother to daughter. Most revolve around the crazy mom trying to set up her daughter with Ivy League men or Zumba. It’s hilarious. Highly recommend following. Here’s a nice preview:

The Best Dressed in the Big East

{and in the Nation for that matter.} It’s no secret that Jay Wright is dapper AF. When you think we’re kidding about #suitwatch, you clearly have never seen this man dress up for a game. Well lucky for us, CBS Sports has found Jay’s tailor and made a video about it. If you haven’t watched it yet, you probably should.

Bars in Bean Boots.

Some of my misc. things this week included learning about the real world (again, yay). By Thursday, my friends and I had enough of the real world and needed a drink (or three) from Kelly’s. I decided to go out in the outfit I wore to class, aka Bean Boots, jeans and a sweater (I’ve come a long way from tight skirts/heels freshman year, thank God). My friend Deanna literally wore sweatpants. We danced to Bye Bye Bye (there’s a video of me doing the routine floating around somewhere…) and stayed until closing. This is second semester.

Reading Unwritten.

Found a cool new website! If you like Her Campus (!!!), Elite Daily or Thought Catalog, you’ll love Unwritten. According to its “About” page, Unwritten is a publication that exudes fashion, endorses a spontaneous lifestyle, and pushes the boundaries of controversy. Support our movement and Live Life Unwritten. Check it out!

I’m Literally Flippin’

The amount of news I read on my phone lately has been extremely high (I blame my one professor who always says “For every one word you write, you need to read 1000.” I’m taking it literally, I guess). My friend Chris introduced me to this app called FlipBoard and it’s super cool. Basically you pick a bunch of your interests from an EXTENSIVE list (seriously, you can choose anything from Politics to cupcakes) and the app consolidates all recent news/online articles on your topics. Then you get to “flip” through all the articles and read them. Great for procrastination.


{PS. I wore my blanket scarf the other day and got a ton of questions of where I bought it. For some reason, I can’t access the Etsy shop I bought it from anymore, but there are a ton from Call it a scank-et, call it a blarf, whatever, it’s warm and worth it.}

{PSS. I learned how to draw an Ampersand for like real the other day. About time right since it’s the name of this blog…}

Liking drinking peppermint tea & Favoriting listening to Sam Hunt’s album {Shout out to Maddie for this one!}

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