Likes & Favorites: New Jersey to Connecticut

Earlier last week, I tweeted about having wanderlust. It was probably because it seemed like everyone I know on Facebook was in Europe and I had no traveling plans to speak of. But then, luckily, my wanderlust was solved when Ryan’s family invited me to Connecticut this weekend to celebrate his birthday/sister’s prom. It wasn’t Europe, but hey, it’s better than my house in Jersey. Plus I’ll never say no to good company & a quaint New England town in the summer. Here’s what I was liking on my trip to and from CT:

R.J. Julia’s

So if bookstores were royalty, R. J. Julia would be queen. While Madison, CT is not a very large town, this specific bookstore is a huge deal. It’s legitimately famous, with celebrities and politicians as regular customers (Hilary Clinton was there earlier this year, nbd). It looks like a normal bookstore… until you start to notice all the small details that make it so unique. My favorite little quirk is that all the workers at the bookstore leave notes for buyers in certain books. There’s even a wall dedicated to staff picks. Reading the back of a book is fine, but a handwritten recommendation makes it ten times more personal. Plus it convinced me to buy a book (Gemini by Carol Cassella), even though I didn’t plan on it (silly me).


Who doesn’t love a good prom? It was Kaitlyn, Ryan’s sister’s,  prom weekend so of course I was all about the festivities. The great thing about prom in Madison, CT is the proximity to the ocean aka the best backdrop any dolled up senior girl could ask for. One family even hired a professional photographer for the event (he even scolded people for being in his “background” #doless). It was so fun to see everyone dressed up. I spent a good portion of picture taking picking out dresses I would wear/feeling incredibly old.

Ampersand & alcohol

That got your attention right? Because Ryan’s family is the best, their graduation present for me combined two great things: ampersand & alcohol. How you may ask? By getting me this fab bottle opener that is in the shape of (you guessed it) an ampersand. Get one here!

This quote. 

Ryan and I stopped in a little boutique downtown (it’s called Ciao Bella, so obviously I loved it) and they had this box full of small quote cards. As a writer & quote lover, I started to look through them and happened to find one of my favorites. (If you’ve never read The Prophet, I highly recommend it)



When I got home today, my mom surprised me with a little gift. It’s simple yet a nice reminder that you never know whom you might inspire. Like the look? Check out the full Lenny & Eva collection.

{P.S. Exciting news! I have a new collab/guest blogger going to be featured this week! My friend Deanna & I are teaming up to talk about what no one wants to talk about: Post-grad life. We’ll be funny and not depressing. Promise. Check back soon!}

Liking the really good pizza I ate all weekend & favoriting going back to CT soon.

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