To all the New Kids: A Lesson on Life

It’s safe to say that I’m a big sap. I’m a helpless romantic, frequent dreamer, hopeful wisher. I love motivational quotes and those beautiful stories that bring tears to your eyes. (I often tear up at things. I get that from my mother.) So it should be no surprise that sometimes I spend my time looking up inspirational stuff online. Sometimes you just need a pick me up! Or a pep talk. Lucky for me (and now you!) I found just the thing to cure a bad day.

Most people have heard about the internet sensation, Kid President. He gave a pretty famous “pep talk” last year that blew up YouTube and trended on Facebook for months. Well he has another video that I stumbled upon, and I think it’s pretty great. Even though it’s meant for a newborn baby, it’s pretty applicable to everyone when they need some encouraging words.

Click here to watch it! I hope it brightens up your day :) I only wish that I can have as much wisdom as this seven-year-old someday.

Here’s to living louder & loving life.

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