New Mindset, New Year

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. SO long in fact, that my mother called me out on it & asked if I’m even writing anymore because she stopped receiving notifications about new blog posts (thanks, Karen, super subtle ;)) To be honest, I just hadn’t had anything I wanted to write about, but I just got a stroke of inspiration while filling out my daily mindfulness journal (it freaking rocks, shoutout to Danielle for this bday gift!) so here we are.

New Years is coming up. I’m not sure how you feel about 2018, 2019 or New Years in general, but I can say that I don’t particularly care for New Years Eve. It’s sort of a made up holiday to me? And I usually mark my years by my birthday (check out my 26 post if ya missed it!) rather than the calendar year. However, I do like the idea of a clean slate, fresh start & new intentions. As we move into 2019, I find myself wanting to start off on the right foot & in the right mindset. I don’t usually do resolutions (they don’t really resonate with me), but I’m planning to take the next couple days to get in the right mindset–leave some of the bullsh*t negativity in 2018 and make room for the good stuff. So I figured I’d list some ways to refresh your mindset as we enter the new year. Do all the things, do one of the things–doesn’t really matter, just find something to help you press “reset” so we can all start 2019 on a high note.


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The Brunch Review: Twisted Tail

HELLO THERE. This is way overdue. Also I haven’t blogged in a hot minute. I’m sorry, life is crazy, new job, holidays, etc. etc. I’m going to try to be better about writing once a week or every other week, but we’ll see how it goes haha ANYWAYS. Brunch review coming in hot–I actually went to the Twisted Tails years ago but just revisited it recently (it’s pretty close to my new apartment!) If you’re looking for a low-key brunch in a cute part of the city, Twisted Tail is for you.

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15 Things I Learned when I was 25

“25 Things I learned when I was 25” sounds a loooot nicer but a list of 25 life lessons seems a bit excessive, so we’re going to stick with 15 ;) Hi there. I’m Kasia & I’ve just turned 26 (WILD). I can hardly believe it. Me? 26? This feels bizarre.

But here we are.

25 was definitely interesting. If I had to describe my “early twenties” (because I’m officially in my MID-twenties), it would be like this: 23 broke me down, 24 built me back up & 25 tested who I am. 25 was really rocky at parts & smooth sailing in others. Some new people came into my life, some other people left. There were lots of highs (a couple of lows); I made some changes (moved into a new apartment with a new roomie! started a new job!) but also focused on my foundation/all the things I’ve built up over the past 3 years. Overall, I liked 25. It was gritty. Raw at parts. Hard-going yet free-flowing. Plus, I think it was a really good set up for 26 & my mid-to-late-20’s. I finally feel settled into who I am and this whole adulthood thing, for the most part (FINALLY). It’s a nice feeling.

So here are some things I learned from this past year. Maybe you can relate, or maybe you think I’m full of sh*t haha Cheers to 26.


hello it’s me, the 26 year old

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