The Best Coffee Products for Caffeine Lovers

I’m a fairly passionate person. Most people who know me would agree. (Some might confuse this as “dramatic” or “obsessive,” but I prefer “passionate” ;)) Of all the things I love, I’d have to say that I’m most passionate about the following items:

especially coffee. Funny thing is, I didn’t grow up drinking coffee. In fact, my parents HATE coffee. I attribute my love for coffee to being a barista at the coffee shop on Villanova’s campus and my short Starbucks stint after I graduated. And even though I haven’t always been a coffee drinker, I’ve always looooooved coffee shops/coffee shop culture (Fun fact: I even did two research projects on coffee shop culture for undergrad/grad school #nerd).

Of course, being passionate about coffee has lead me to become a little bit of a coffee snob (ugh, once you taste REALLY good coffee, you can never go back) so I thought it’d be kinda fun to share all my favorite coffee products that I’ve discovered over the years for all you caffeine lovers out there. Read it for yourself or share with the coffee-lover in your life. Enjoy ~


how soothing is this??

Getting Coffee To-Go


shout out to my Holy Ground days<3


Best hot coffee from a coffee-store chain: La Columbe (although local coffee shops > chain stores always, always, always.)

Best flavored iced coffee: Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Iced coffee (it’s so sweet but idk, I love it)

Best black iced coffee: probably Starbucks

Best cold brew : La Columbe’s Cold brew on tap (can you tell I’m a big fan of La Columbe?)

Related: Don’t know the difference between cold brew & iced coffee? I have a guide for that.

Best “specialty” espresso/coffee drinks: (couldn’t pick just one)

  • Hot blonde latte (Starbucks)
  • Iced caramel macchiato (Starbucks)
  • Black & Tan (La Columbe)

Enjoying Coffee At Home


the shore = the best place to drink coffee. 

Best cold brew/iced coffee from the grocery store: Stōk Protein Espresso (I JUST found this and I’m OBSESSED)

Best K-Cups: Starbucks Veranda ($$$) or Wawa Breakfast Blend ($)

Best coffee bean grinder: Cuisinart Grind Central Coffee Grinder (You can remove the cup & lid for easy clean up! Plus it’s affordable)

Best at-home cold brew maker: Gourmia Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best whole-bean/coffee grounds: Honestly, I really like any of the Archer Farm’s coffee from Target, but if you want a REALLY good cup of coffee (and don’t mind spending a lil $$) I LOVE Rival Bros. (also yay for supporting local businesses, Philly people!)

Best French press: I got mine at Homegoods, but this one is similar.

Best mocha-flavored non-coffee foods (just for fun!):

  • Yasso Coffee Chocolate Chip Bars (healthy ice cream)
  • Ben & Jerry’s Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! (not healthy ice cream)
  • Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Granola bars (also just discovered these)
  • Dannon Oikos Cafe Latte Traditional Greek Yogurt (with granola!)

What are your favorite coffee things? Leave me a comment below! Also, if anyone has good coffee shop recommendation in Philly &. 

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