The Holy Grounds ~*Secret*~ Menu

Starbucks has a secret menu. So does Chipotle. But I bet you never guessed that Villanova’s good ol’ Holy Grounds does too! Enjoy this secretest of secret menus (and by secret menu, I just mean unique things people order that you probably never thought of) just in time for finals.

For your sweet tooth… Raspberry Peppermint Mocha.

Who says peppermint mocha is just for December? HG can make them all year long and with that hint of raspberry, it makes for a summery-sweet treat. Barista tip: ask for only 2 pumps of everything so you’re not overwhelmed by sugar.

When you have a cold… Hibiscus C tea (w/ lemon).

There’s a little bit of fruity, a little bit of chamomile, and with the touch of honey, will soothe your sore throat in now time.

To sip on the Oreo… Blackberry-Raspberry Iced Tea.

Don’t get me wrong, pomegranate iced tea is the bomb and my personal favorite, but the slight tartness of the blackberry balances nicely with the raspberry. Absolutely lovely on a spring day.

If you always get an iced mocha… add some salted caramel!

Step up your mocha game with a shot of salted caramel. You’ll feel all sophisticated with your iced lattes in no time.

When you’re tired of the classic vanilla latte… Irish Cream Latte.

You feel bad cheating on your go-to drink (vanilla is just so dependable and elegant), but sometimes you just have to mix it up with an equally as sweet-but-slightly-sluttier, Irish Cream. One time a customer describe this drink as “vanilla on crack.” What Vanilla Latte doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

For when you’re coming from yoga… Chai with vanilla and soy. 

Great post-work out drink that won’t have you feeling guilty. The vanilla and soy sweeten up the chai just the right amount. Feeling really daring? Add some cinnamon or gingerbread instead.

If you’re curious what that green thing people are drinking… Macha Green Tea Latte (w/ flavor)

If I’m being honest, the green coloring kind of freaks me out (it’s like REALLY green), but the Macha green tea latte is pretty good. If you’re someone who doesn’t love a lot of caffeine or coffee, this is the perfect choice for you. Drink it straight, or add vanilla. Hot day? Try it iced with peppermint. It taste exactly like a Shamrock Shake. Don’t believe me, just try it.

When you ask me for a recommendation… Peppermint iced coffee/coffee/latte. 

Peppermint is my all time favorite flavor and I love it in any coffee drink at HG. It’s refreshing. It’s light. It’s different than whatever you usually order so give it a try.

Welcome to the elite inner circle of barista knowledge. I hope you jazz up your coffee order the next time I see you. 


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