Likes & Favorites: Lots of Work and a Little Fun

This week has been killing me. To put it simply, I have 4 HUGE assignments due Monday/Tuesday, including probably the biggest project/presentation of my entire college career. Plus the week after Thanksgiving always sucks because being home is such a tease. But, it is the beginning of December (aka the best month of the year) and in between all my work, I had a little bit of fun too. There may have been some lows this week (doing laundry on a Saturday night, having a mini breakdown in Garey Hall, it raining for 2 days straight), but here are some of the highs.

Recipes, Courtesy of Baci

My Polish grandmother, Baci, passed away in August (Click here to read about her, she was a super cool lady). On the Friday after Thanksgiving, my family went to clean out her house a bit and get it organized. While I was there, I stumbled old pictures of my dad when he was a kid, picked out some jewelry of hers to keep, but most importantly, I found her pierogi recipe. Every Christmas, my Baci would make this traditional and extremely delicious Polish dish. Considering I’m the only grandchild who got the lesson on how to make them, I’ve decided to take over the pierogis this year. I feel better having her original recipe, however I’m sliiiiightly nervous I’m going to mess up the staple of our Christmas dinner. Stay tuned.

What's more polish than a pierogi?

Fancy Cheese and Crackers

Not sure what got into me,  but I felt super bougie this week when I was food shopping and decided to buy honey goat cheese and “fancy” crackers. Over the summer, I had both with granny smith apple slices and decided now was as good as time as ever to have it again. Which I guess is why I left the supermarket with a few college staples (peanut butter, Bagel Bites, coffee K-cups) and honey goat cheese. I decided to add cranberries to the combo and had it for dinner that night. Pinkies up people, this girl is fancy.

colorful and delicious

Monday Mimosas and Jimmy Fallon

On Monday night, a small group of friends celebrated my friend Meg’s 21st bday. To pregame the pregame, my friend Tony and I decided to drink mimosas and watch funny YouTube videos. I highly recommend you start pregaming this way as well as watch this segment from The Tonight Show with guest star Jennifer Lawrence. It will not only confirm that JLawrence is the most perfect human ever, but also inspire you to ask people to dance like she does.

Cracklin’ Candles

My roomies and I reaaaalllyyy like candles. Maybe it was because they were banned in the on-campus dorms/apartments, regardless we constantly burn a candle while we all hang out in the living room. To get in the Christmas spirit, my one roomie Julie and I decided to buy a holiday-scented candle from HomeGoods. Well. We stumbled upon this one candle that smells like Christmas tree (aka the best smell) that has a WOOD wick which means it CRACKLES while it burns! Probably one of the most relaxing sounds ever. Want one too? Check it out here.

I wish you could hear the crackle

Care Packages from Karen

Lucky for me, care packages didn’t stop after freshman year because I literally have the best mom ever. I got a surprise package from the lovely Karen which basically made my whole week. Who doesn’t love homemade banana bread, Starbucks gift cards and fuzzy socks? That’s the epitome of happiness right there.

Liking that Nova beat St. Joe’s today (#gocatz) & Favoriting getting more than 5 hours of sleep tonight.

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