Likes & Favorites: Hi, I’m procrastinating.

It’s finals week. I’m procrastinating by blogging. Go team.

My Senior Project Group

Take 6 individuals with strong personalities, 1 awesome adviser, a killer topic, 20+hours writing an analysis, a near all-nighter, countless social media breaks/YouTube videos (mostly Blank Space), dozens of CampCo latenight milkshakes, funny document titles, and color coordinated business attire, and you’ll get an amazing semester working on the biggest group project of your life. Shout out to #InvestClub7 for being awesome and killing the presentation game on Tuesday. #ByeFelicia

club can't handle us.

Tiny Mason Jars

The roomies decided to do a secret Santa between the 4 of us and I was beyond excited to give my roomie Juile these mason jar shot glasses. They’re cute, a little country and the right amount of basic. (Want them? You know you do.)

feel classy taking vodka shots

{look how cute&fun!}

Aca-Awesome Friends

I happen to have a lot of musically talented friends in Acapella groups, which I guess makes me a self-proclaimed aca-groupie. One of the best parts of the holiday season is the acapella concerts. I can’t sing for the life of me, so I appreciate those who can. Now you can too.

{This is the SuperNovas. Same mashup I saw this week, different performance}

{Say hello to the lovely ladies of Nothin’ But Treble. They don’t have their most recent performance online, but watch one of my good friends, Julie, kiiiiilll it during Acapellapolooza last spring. I lost my mind.}

Carbs & Caffeine

Essentially the finals diet. You can’t fight it. You know you want that third cup of coffee and Swedish fish as you waste away in the library. Like I’m doing right now. Forever.

Working off all those Carbs & Caffeine

After starting the finals diet, my friend shared this video on Facebook which immediately made me want to work out. I’m going to 8am yoga tomorrow morning because of it. It’s all about balance, right? I can eat all the bagels and candy I want if I work out? Cool, glad we agree.

Liking an excuse to wear leggings for a week straight & Favoriting blowing through every playlist I’ve ever made while I study.

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