What to Expect from Your First Yoga Class

When I first stepped onto a yoga mat about 4 years ago, I never anticipated how much it would change my life. That sounds dramatic, but consistently practicing yoga has not only affected me physically, but also emotionally, mentally & spiritually. If I don’t go to yoga for a few days, I actually feel off balance (true story). It’s completely a part of my life.

That said, I realize that not a lot of people have been exposed to yoga or have even tried it before. And I think sometimes it can be intimidating when all you see on Instagram are they crazy yogis in contorted postures. So I decided to dedicate a post to all the things to expect from your first yoga class. Hopefully it’ll put some of your worries at ease & encourage you to try it. Remember, the hardest part is showing up to your mat. Read on to learn how to become a yogi~

tree pose

tree pose

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