The Art of Letting Go

People are funny. It seems impossible, but you can feel two totally different feelings at the exact same time. They contradict each other. They fight for space in your brain and in your heart. You think, “one of these feelings must be false. One is right and one is wrong.” But the reality is, you can hold one thing in each hand. And you may not understand how they flip back and forth with a dizzying speed–but here you are, grappling with all the feelings at the same time, with the same intensity. 

It’s pretty annoying. Or maybe it’s just living.

I realized something about people recently. I was talking to a friend who was going through a similar situation I had gone through in the past. It was one of those times where, as a friend, you give your best advice–advice you often can easily give but seldom take yourself. She was struggling with the two contradicting feelings that we’ve all had at one point: the balance of wanting to let go but also to hang on. And I realized that 1. we all want to let something go but 2. we’re all desperate to hang onto it anyways.

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Breakups are weird.

(I promise this post is meant to make you laugh, not cry)

Breakups are weird. Yes, they’re sad, confusing, frustrating, liberating, positive (idk, maybe?), annoying, irritating & devastating. But the aftermath of a breakup is also just kinda…weird.

I’m going through a breakup right now (hence this topic), but before you read on, this is not a post to bash my ex. My ex (which it feels weird to even call him an “ex” because I usually reserve that term for the d-bag who broke my heart two years ago and my most recent ex is not a d-bag) is one of the most wonderful people I know. I truly wish him only good things and happiness, and our breakup was probably the most amicable & mature breakups I’ve ever heard of. Of course I’m sad, frustrated, devastated, and all those other things mentioned above, but I’m mostly feeling just kinda weird. Let me explain.

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