Breakups are weird.

(I promise this post is meant to make you laugh, not cry)

Breakups are weird. Yes, they’re sad, confusing, frustrating, liberating, positive (idk, maybe?), annoying, irritating & devastating. But the aftermath of a breakup is also just kinda…weird.

I’m going through a breakup right now (hence this topic), but before you read on, this is not a post to bash my ex. My ex (which it feels weird to even call him an “ex” because I usually reserve that term for the d-bag who broke my heart two years ago and my most recent ex is not a d-bag) is one of the most wonderful people I know. I truly wish him only good things and happiness, and our breakup was probably the most amicable & mature breakups I’ve ever heard of. Of course I’m sad, frustrated, devastated, and all those other things mentioned above, but I’m mostly feeling just kinda weird. Let me explain.

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