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10 Summer/Quarantine Reads

Hello fellow book lovers. It’s been a while since I’ve done a book roundup (see past ones here & here), but I figured with the start of summer (and quarantine still going strong), I’d provide some reading recommendations for your consideration.

A few notes: My genre of choice is psychological thriller (lol I know, probably a surprise to some of you), but I tried to include some other genres to round it out. I’m also a big advocate of Good Reads, mostly because it helps me keep track of everything I’ve ever read (so it’s easier to do these types of things!) & everything I want to read (100+ books on my want-to-read list). And finally, obviously most libraries are still closed, but you can borrow ebooks via Overdrive through your local public/school library, which has been my personal lifesaver. And with that, here are my book recommendations!

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the best books bloggers recommend

The Best Books That Bloggers/Writers Recommend

It’s no secret that I love to write (obviously…) but my true great love is reading. I love reading. Put me in a Barnes & Noble or on the beach with a good book & I’ll be happy for hours. I truly believe good books are good for the soul–hence why I’m constantly searching for new things to read.

I wrote a list of book recommendations here a few summers ago with some of my favorites, but I decided to ask a few of my blogger friends what books they love because, again, most writers love reading & more importantly, we appreciate really really good books. 

Whether you’re looking for a psychological thriller (some of my favorites are thrown in here) or an inspirational self-help book, this list has got it all, complete with commentary. Enjoy!

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20 Random Things I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! While I’m thankful for the major things like the wonderful people in my life (shoutout to the parents, Krista, family, my nova & home friends and Ry) and a few big things (my job, awesome apartment, Villanova basketball, Starbucks, white wine & brunch), here’s a list of the random little things I’m grateful for too.

1. Turkey trots

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We have a Jaworski-family tradition of running a Turkey Trot every year. It started with my dad and uncle, but some years we’ve had up to 10 of us running it. It’s a nice way to start Thanksgiving and bond with my dad.

2. Chapstick 


I’m legitimately addicted to Burt’s Bees and I don’t care who knows it.

3. TV shows online


Let’s be real, most of my favorite shows I never watch live. Thank goodness for being able to binge watch them online.

4. Nude heels

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Because when you find the perfect pair, you win at life.

5. Gel manicures


Best feeling= having your nails done. Worst feeling= them chipping. Solution= gel manicures.

6. Raspberries


I’m 95% sure I could eat a whole carton in one sitting. #noshame

7. Semi-sweet chocolate chips


On a similar food note, I keep a bag of these in the fridge at all times. My roommate Haley can attest to this.

8. Sunsets

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photo creds: Joe

What’s better than a good sunset on the water?

9. Emojis


Specifically those above.

10. Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album 


Which I started listening to approximately 2 weeks ago.

11. The Princess Bride


One of the best movies of all time. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

12. Cups of tea/coffee


Plus a cozy blanket & some candles.

13. Leggings


Now that I can’t wear them almost every day to class, I appreciate them more on the weekends.

14. The Villanova Church


Have you ever seen anything more perfect?

15. Doing laundry at your parents’ house

Because it’s *~FREE~* (and your mom might fold it for you).

16. Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep

One of the best feelings in the world.

17. Good pens & legal pads

You know the feeling of writing with a really good pen. Or when you check something off your to-do list. And I just like taking notes on legal pads because it makes me feel important.

18. Fresh flowers


Because they’re just so happy :)

19. Listening to country music in the summer

Specifically, windows down on the way to the shore. It’s the best, y’all.

20. Blogging


And for everyone who continues to read, I’m really thankful for you!

Here’s to Thanksgiving & being grateful for the little things &.