Likes & Favorites: The APA style guide is sitting on my desk.

A quick look at my desk: There’s a checklist and a blue pen, a hair tie, my car keys, tangled Mac charger, a buzzing cellphone, laptop case, a cup of coffee and The Associated Press Style Book (2013 edition, if you want to get technical about it). I’m listening to Justin Nozuka on Spotify while sitting cross legged on my chair. My hair is in a messy bun. I’m not wearing makeup. I’ve worn these shorts three days in a row.

This is post-grad life at its finest. And I’m starting to be okay with it, which has been a long time coming. (Just like this Likes & Favorites post). Let’s begin, shall we?

Your new fave summer drink.

So I have Starbucks seasonal favorites (really, don’t act so surprised). In the fall it’s pumpkin spiced latte (duh), winter I get peppermint lattes, spring I dabble with iced coffee and in the summer I’m obsessed with peach green tea lemonade. It’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s amazing. Well, I recently discovered that you can ~*buy*~ the Tazo peach green tea at your nearest grocery store and basically my life has changed forever. Combine equal parts tea and lemonade, and you’ve basically done what I get paid $9/hr to do as a barista.

{Don’t want it as sweet? Substitute water for the lemonade. Also, I feel like this would be really good with alcohol. Someone LMK.}

Writers, I have something for you to read. 

I once had professor tell the class, “For ever word you write, read 1,000.” While I definitely don’t hit that mark, I do read a lot. One of my mentors actually gave me the book Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. According to the cover, it has “some instructions on writing and life.” It’s definitely chuckle worthy, but I love it because it perfectly describes how I feel as a writer. If you love to write, I highly recommend it.

Here’s how to save money on coffee!

{Sign me up to be a Starbucks sales associate, because I’m about to promote another one of their products.} Us college kids/recent grads love our coffee. Most of us have realized that buying it from ‘Bucks every day is expensive. Cue Keurig. Everything is great and dandy, until you realize that K-cups are also kind of expensive. Introducing: the reusable K-cup. That’s right, there’s a plastic K-cup that you can reuse and fill with your favorite ground coffee (I like Starbucks Veranda blonde roast). Buy them here. Boom, roasted.

It’s okay to be a hot mess sometimes. 

This weekend, Ryan and I had a date night (dinner & a movie, how cliche of us). We ended up seeing Trainwreck and it was HILARIOUS. Highly encourage everyone to see it. It’s like the perfect rom-com to see as a couple because there’s obviously romance but also a ton of sports references, so everyone wins! Plus, you’ll actually cry from laughing so much at parts, which is always fun.

{On a somewhat related side note, we also streamed Inside Out  illegally online–oops!–and that was ALSO so good. That time I just cried because it was so touching. Twice.}

Seeing my favorite people. 

This week was full of seeing my most favorite people. From spending the weekend with Ryan and seeing my Blue Key peeps at Deanna’s grad party, to dinners with Haley and Katherine and reuniting with my fave Villanovans, I’m always reminded how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. Sorry for being a sap, but I love you guys.

{P.S. I’m currently obsessed with Renegades by X Ambassadors. If my life were ever made into a movie, this would be the soundtrack for the opening credits.}

Liking post grad life a little more & favoriting having spare moments to blog.

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