mothers day

7 Best Pieces of Advice From My Mom

Although I can’t remember the exact moment, sometime during my adult-ish life, I realized something important: my mother is always right. I’m sure she’s been waiting to hear this for 24 years, especially after I put her through the bratty teenage stage, but when your mother says “you’ll understand where I’m coming from someday” (usually in the midst of an argument), she’s right. We will all understand where she’s coming from someday because she. is. always. right.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to dedicate a post to the lovely Karen, with all her words of wisdom that I’ve heard countless times growing up. Simple phrases that I’ve taken to heart & have found myself often repeating to others when they need advice. I’m blessed to have one of the most wonderful moms in the entire world (who also happens to be Ampersand’s biggest fan ;)) So Happy Mother’s Day, mamma! This one’s for you.

mothers day

the cutest mamma there ever was.

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