The Brunch Review: Parc

What better way to spend a Friday off than at brunch? My friend Kelsey and I decided we wanted to feel ~fancy so we headed to the French-inspired bistro, Parc. Bon appetit!

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The Brunch Review: Bud & Marilyn’s

It’s been a while since I had a good Philly brunch. What’s a basic girl to do? Call up her other brunch-loving friends & brunch until her heart desires, of course! Up for review is Bud & Marilyn’s in the heart of Center City.

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The Brunch Review: FARMiCiA

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope your day was full of love & friendship. Mine just happened to be full of brunch. Since my boyfriend is currently out of the country (hey, Ry!), my friend Christie graciously offered to go to brunch with me at a little place called FARMiCiA.

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